Authors as fans – Sept. 2013

Recently I was reminded of fame and fandom.  There are powerful people who are famous, some end up infamous and others remain known in a way that is not viewed as famous or infamous or as ‘no one’. 

There are ways of being popular or well known that seem to involve relating to others in a special way, a way known as ‘famous’.    Mass scale adulation, total strangers wanting one’s autograph for reasons other than ‘you owe me & promise to pay’, one’s image and name being for use by the media and around.  Sometimes it is fun and nurtures a giant ego: everyone loves me, and my life is great: I get to be HAPPY!!  Hurray!

Other times it is not so great.  Prince Harry visits his gran – Her Majesty for the first time after nude photos from losing strip poker turn up so freely that even I have seen them and I am just some middle aged American woman writer in a German village: talk about having access to information that is none of my business, but wow.  Mainly, it shows that Harry is a good looking man and a good sport, even when he loses?   That’s just one example.  Other examples could be waking up on a bad hair day, feeling small and wanting to be left alone or with someone who really loves one and is kind only to be confronted by reporters or no reporters but media images of oneself and a rant article about how great or how horrible this person is.  Publications one had no control over whatsoever. 

Even so, most authors are human enough to be fans of some people and their work.   I know I’ve been a fan of other authors, bands, movie stars – there are even clerics and spiritual teachers of whom I’m a big fan.

Heck, lots of people like to have pet dogs, because they feel that dogs make good fans. 

Some people say men are like dogs and women are like cats.  That is a rough way of saying that women love it when men act like devoted fans, even though it is annoying when they just seem to want to hump anything – even if it doesn’t move.

Meandering author talk – late September 2013

Well, before I head off to bed for the night, I’m blogging. There is more than one school of thought about this. Some believe that blogging by authors should be purely professional. Others think it is ideal if authors never make any money successfully selling their works, but that it is great if they provide some free interaction and entertainment – wasn’t it really just that they wanted attention?

It is weekend. I still haven’t revisited the local church for the purpose of seeing if my German has improved enough to understand the service in German now, and to commune with the divine. I do believe, and have dealt with a lot of people who don’t and with a lot of people who seem weird about it on the believer side as well. I had thought I would have by now, but still haven’t.

I watched some more movies. I under use TV nowadays and over use movies. It means I have been watching some movies just once and others many times over. There are certain ways of handling it that also make it possible to see how the mind changes.

I did yard work today and some housework. Due to my lifestyle I just do some daily instead of mainly catching up on all of it at the weekend. Middle aged stuff. In my own view, I’m now old enough to switch to decaf: age 45 years. I haven’t but when I was between 30 and 35 years old I decided in my own mind that age 45 is a good age for dropping the use or abuse of caffeine. Get over it, out grow it, stuff like that.

an author’s random comments – learning as today’s topic de jour

I just read and commented at Culture Monk’s blog because apparently he liked my post yesterday.  Thank God someone read it and commented.  Hopefully a bunch more people read it even though they didn’t comment.

Learning.  Like so many of you all I’m still learning about life.   Some days I learn more about how to use the computer.  Other days like today, I learned more about which movies I own can be fast forwarded by which buttons on the son’s game controller.  Due to the mother and son lifestyle: I don’t have a normal video player.  We have a PS3 which is the teen son’s so he can play video games and the Mom (who the son calls Mim) watches movies using it.  Actually we have also both used it to play video games but because of that fast forward is a video game controller button.  I’m sure it’s not just us.  Not all videos are the same.  Maybe you already knew that, but I only learned that this year. 

Well, I guess that’s it today.


Well, we’ve heard of fame and then there are forms of fandom or people who end up being able to “hob nob” with “high status” people. 

Now, there is always the question: what is the right way to treat such people?  Surely they deserve to have their excellence acknowledged and yet it might be helpful to them to have experiences to ‘keep them down to Earth’ not in bad way, but just help them stay people, if you know what I’m getting at. 

In my own peculiar life, the way this has shown up is that I am still not even semi-famous, but I had thought I might be as a result of managing to share some of better talents and skills with the world (uh, that means other people, including you and some trees etc.) in a way that works well for large numbers of people including myself. 

What has happened, though, is that there is some stuff published and during the past couple of years, I have begun to have a new joyful experience involving ‘the famous’.  It is very subtle but overt: it is called being Tweeted by famous people or having some famous people on the FB friends list.  I suppose for some it is the same as ‘fandom’.  I feel weird about that because of what my own ego is like: palatial in some locations, but having been damaged from all the bombing in other areas…and I am not 15 years old…in 2013, but I do really like that some famous people have actually Tweeted me.  I am not sure if it just the person’s office worker or the famous person his or herself.

If I write who it is, is that “name dropping” and “celebrity gossip”?  I’m not sure.  Maybe they will be glad and maybe they will punish me.  Here goes:  The 14th Dalai Lama – wow, was that ever a pleasant surprise.  Soon thereafter, the musician Marilyn Manson – the main confusion here is whether that was the singer or the entire band.  George Takei and Annie Lennox showed up on Facebook.  Neil Gaiman but also Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner ended up working themselves into my Twitter feed within the past 2 years.  Even Amanda Palmer, Mitzi Szereto and Tom Hiddleston are there, right along with the usual CNN and BBC.  Even Samuel Jackson appeared in my Twitter list.  There are other people who are actually in the publishing industry, some are like Flying Pen Press, Writer’s Relief, and ProBlogger at this point, but we’ll see.  I unfairly did not mention Nicole – the mother of 5 who writes food articles and Bonny Grrl.  Some of these people are editors but I still like I’m not using the connections correctly some of the time.

Anyway, that’s @FamousPerson#FameChat2013

Late September 2013: Kaleidescopic (nonlinear relations)

I was mildly shocked the day – a couple of weeks ago now, when the Monster Trucks and a billboard of Captain America were both in a small German village at the same time that I was at the bank.  I don’t find either shocking in the USA, nor their conjunction, but in real life in a village in Germany I was still shocked.  That is how far into the Germans, aspects of American culture have reached. 

Today in Germany, where I was, the weather has cooled but was intriguing compared what I used to be used to.   Much of the day was completely overcast with grey rain clouds, but then there was a burst of rain.  After that, fine blue skies, plenty of bright sunshine and a buoyant sensation. 

Today, it crossed my mind that writers, like everyone else, are real people.  I don’t like to only write nor to spend all my time this way or that way.  I like some variety in my life even though I also like stability and security.   People can be a joy or a trying experience – it just depends on so much else.

Hello, out there!! Did anyone even notice me?

Today, I finally realized that there is an indicator the system has built in to tell whether or not anyone even notices and bothers to read the blog.  It being the system, it applies to you and your friend’s mother’s uncle’s granddaughter’s blog to. 

Not meaning to whine, I am happy to see that there are real people out there – if that’s really you, then that really does mean you, you have read it and are interested at least some of the time. 

Being a writer, it doesn’t work that well without readers. 

More about story:  Where did the name Tutweiler Buckhead come from?  Tutweiler Buckhead is the mysterious villain in The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead aka An Adventure in Indianapolis.  In truth, I had a small professional writing contract in which I wrote about real estate in the Greater Atlanta, Georgia area.  As I lived in Indianapolis at the time, I had to research to do it, but thanks to the power of the Internet I could still do it.  Buckhead is a nice neighborhood.  If I recall correctly it is rather higher than lower in the middle class but really is just a middle class neighborhood – for anyone who has bumped into actual rich people and seen how they live.  Rich people, remember, are only about 4% of the entire population, so either most of us have met that same one rich person, or haven’t met anyone rich ever, in person.  Anyway, Buckhead is not that fancy, but is quite ritzy compared to what both the poor and lower middle class have. 

Anyway, that’s the villain’s surname.  I just wanted, as an artist, for the character to have a really fabulous name.  It was not a conscious nor unconscious comment on class issues, to give him that name.  

Hope you all enjoyed that moment of ‘inside scoop – the mind of an author’.

If you love hard copies and to be the first or one of the first at something, you can pre-order a hard cover of this novel at

For some reason this novel is facing challenges.  This is the second publisher who has accepted it and made a cover and given it more editing.  One failed to release it as promised and so I am back to trying to get to avid readers of crime fiction by new authors using this publisher.

Talitha – of The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead: fictional characters

Those of you still with me, recall that yesterday we touched on Father O’Malley. By some miracle, or curse – you decide, a woman who’s first name is Talitha is another major character in the same story. Although I did name her after someone who I met in real life, they are not alike. As previously mentioned every fictional character I create either shows up whole or is created from combinations of at least 4 other people put together.

Talitha is a middle class woman who was taught to not do servants work at home – that is their job; how are they supposed to get paid or feel in control if you go and disrupt the system by doing their work? She was not from the lower middle class like clerics and school teachers and most managers that people from the lower income part of population – which is the majority of the population, are likely to meet. Somehow her parents had more.

When she grew up, all she wanted to do was stay or regain the same level as her parents had provided her with during her childhood. She tried a variety of methods, most of which are not disclosed during the novel. She found something that worked for her. Unfortunately, it was not legal. Unfortunately for the general public, but perhaps fortunately or unfortunately for Talitha, it did not bother her that it was illegal. Through that means, reminiscent of the dodgier (English slang for not necessarily legitimate) of the Cat Woman from the comic books, Talitha is somehow quite able to maintain her middle class lifestyle.

At some point in her life, which is also not disclosed during the novel, Talitha becomes an occultist. Most people aren’t and should not be for reasons that will not be explained. By the time the story starts, she has had over a decade of involvement with the mysterious occult. It is in fact, through this shared interest that she met another of the main characters long before the story of the novel ever took place.

Learn more, and get yours:

Setting & Characters in The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead

As noted yesterday, the setting is various points within Indianapolis, Indiana.  Indiana is flat up in the North: in that respect it is shockingly akin to Germany, which has mountains down South but is flat for hundreds of miles  further North.  Within that context, Indianapolis does have a few hills.  The type of landscape emphasized in this tale of unraveling a plot to manufacture meth amphetamine within the I465.  Was i inspired from having watched crime fiction TV series shortly before and after I wrote the novel?  Quite possibly.  Still, CSI has not ever been in Indianapolis, to the best of my knowledge. 

The story occurs mainly right inside the city, but there are a few suburban areas and stylish residential homes and all of the middle class realities and pretentions are featured as part of the setting.

What really makes the story so different is that it is in certain respects a very atypical crime story.  It is not about a murder, in the first place.  Not only that but when the story opens the situation is that the  county Sheriff is  frustrated because he has information about a plot and is aware enough to have some idea of who is involved but not nearly enough of the information he needs to really clear up the mystery and make arrests and send guilty people to Court.  The team of people unleashed through the Mayor’s Office work both independently and as a team to find the missing information and solve the mystery.   In that respect, the style of story borrows from real life: in real life we so often have some information to go on….drawing conclusions without just leaping to the wrong ones is a real world challenge.  Crimes and solutions are out there in the real world. 

Here we are in the Information Age!  You can get yours now:

Updates and more about fictional characters

Thanks to those of you who have read the recent posts. Like most of you, I like the feedback and find it reassuring to know that you’re out there and that I’m not writing into a vacuum.

Real life for writers and other creative people can be, well, about creating artwork.

Personally, it is a matter of balance. When I am happier with my real life I still like fiction but not exactly the same way that I do when I really need it for escape and relief from realities.

Who is Father O’Malley? Father O’Malley is a young, blonde, American Catholic priest.

Why does Father O’Malley help solve crimes in Indianapolis, Indiana? Because the Sheriff trusts him.

Want to know more?

Writers’ Blogs and websites

Many writers have their own blog.  Most are unlike myself in that they seem to have their blog at their website.  I have tried that, but whether out of left handedness or an awkward learning process, the Uranian Fiction website and the official author website by sbpra are not thoroughly attached to this blog. 

How do I feel about writers’ blogs?  Some of them I like.  Like many of you, some days I just read searching for a connection to an editor or lit agent or a handy piece of professional advice but on other days I just desperately want someone to connect with me personally, as a human being and have no other motive.  As you can imagine that influences how I read another author’s post on any given day. 

There are times when they are inspiring, or reassuring and other times it is more like finding other people to complain with about the hardships of the job.  It varies.