Weekend Blogging

Here we are on a weekend. It is homey here again at my end during slow years in Germany with a maturing senior teen. Thor is on: right now, I own 4 movies on video that have Thor fighting with Loki as main themes. The general ambiance is that I looked yet again into the old Scandinavian mythos and this time re-learned that Heimdal is actually the biological father of humanity, whereas the others are not related that way.

Many of you know that those stories are simple the Norse pre-Christian ethnocentric religion and like so many traditions was polytheistic and had both male and female deities.

In the eldest stories, Loki was not evil and was not a villain but he was a middle man, a bit of a double agent and often caught between a rock and a hard place in terms of the frost giants and the Aesir as he was allied and bound to both groups. In that respect it was uncomfortably like those who were both German and Jewish in 1933 and those who were English and German in 1947 and challenging conditions like that.

Back then, before it got worse, the difference was mainly just that Thor was very straightforward and Loki was very tricky and that made their interpersonal dynamics distinctive even when they were not at odds. I like both types in general, but like ‘good guys’ more than ‘bad guys’.

One of my personal favorite ones of the old myths is when Thor ended up dressed up in drag so that Loki could bring him into the Frost Giants’ terrain as goddess So-n-So to marry Whoever the Giant…but in this case it is Thor working with Loki on a trick…How they even got into that being necessary was just as bizarre, but is not so close to the surface of my mind…but it is easy to see the comedy of Thor in drag at the behest of Loki…just to trick some frost giants.

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