The Blogosphere 2013

Yesterday and today, I had some luck and was able to do something proactive to share news about some of my professional writing thanks to the kindness and generosity of spirit of another writer: . Thanks again for that! Most of the time I am just glad to have the acknowledgment that you read a blog post.

In the beginning, only my father and then a woman I met in Germany…She might like it if I mention her by name, or not. I would be happy to…but won’t because I am not sure.

Many years ago in Indianapolis a younger woman called Jen I think, used to mention blogging in a cafe we were in at the same time. Most of the time she was not even talking to me. She wears dresses more often than I do. I like how I look dressed up to, but it is easy for me to become awkward about outfits limit me. Dressed down I am out of place at so many offices and parties and schools but dressed up I can’t work in the garden and may not be relaxed about playing with kids, handling animals or taking out the trash. Like I want grass stains on my good clothes – NOT! I don’t like changing my outfits that much: school clothes for school, play clothes for play etc…It all makes sense but I’d rather not change my clothes more than once or twice a day most days.

Well, not what I expected to share today, but OK.

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