When to offer help to authors

As a writer, I have noticed the number of times that I have been attracted to those posts by other professional writers that have bits and pieces of help for those with less experience.

In reality, given the situation with the micro-career of my professional creative writing, I always feel like I am still such a beginner that there is not much I have to offer others who, like myself, have intended to earn a good living by being professional writers.

I feel qualified to help amateurs and those who are good at marketing but not at writing. I have taught a couple of writing workshops in English that I feel good about. One is called ‘Totem Poetry’ which is a workshop to help individuals write a single poem which best represents the unique identity of the poet/ess. The other is ‘Family Stories’ which helps people to see the themes that have crossed generations in their personal lineages, and to create well organized stories or written collections of the family’s stories to pass on as part of the heritage. For so many people, family stories have continued to be part of the oral tradition.

Many of you know what that means, whereas others only know it as a sexual reference because they were afraid to ask for a definition when the word was used in front of them. ‘Oral’ just means that it was told rather than written. Though nowadays in the early 21st century, much of what had been oral tradition now exists in the form of short term transient writings – like posts in social media or texting over the phone and so on.

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