The Chaos of Professional Development 2013

Some of this is caused by having to deal with ‘self management’ rather than having someone else serving in the managerial role.

For writers and authors, and in many other professions there are ways to develop professionally. Via Facebook, George Takei, once sent what looked like and arrow of direction with a big mess in it. There was a complicated tangled knot. There was a caption at the bottom saying that was what the path to success really looks like when not pre-packaged to impress the media and fans.

Literary Agents – early on, I read and heard the saying that it takes as much effort to land an agent as it does to get a publishing deal. So, what then? If you want to waste time you can try to get an agent, or just focus on getting an agent because without them even if your story is great you will only be paid $0.05/word if you are lucky?! What?! Well, if that doesn’t make me feel like throwing an adolescent tantrum, I’m not sure what would.

Then, when we recover from the hissy fit, should I just say, “Sorry I was curt with you, my bra straps were probably too tight that day.” ?

Blog Tours: I have heard of these, but still haven’t done one yet.

Blog Talk Radio: I think it is good. I listened to a few shows on it, but have yet to be a guest speaker talking about my book.

Query letters: I came up with one or two of these and sent it to a couple of places. I can see some of the more advanced professionals frowning and those would otherwise be rivals laughing because I should probably have sent out a million of them by now.

How many is a million? In my middle school, there was a project to collect one million bottle caps in order for students to experience one million of anything. “That’s a lot.” I remember seeing more than 10 large trash bags filled with bottle caps as part of the hands on experience of one million bottle caps in one place project.

Have I given up yet? Both yes and no. For a long time I had no idea that I was a writer or a philosophy person. Once I found out, I accepted it. Surrender or success or failure? My mother told me to plan for a day job and to be a technical writer because she knew I wanted a way to earn a living through actual paying work. I have actually spent considerable energy trying to do so.

Someone Facebooked me about writers and pet cats on keyboards and ‘what I think I do’ and ‘what my mother thinks I do’ and all of that. Either you know that reference or not. If not it probably just seems like I wrote with my child’s Pokemon marbles in my mouth.

In reality, my son outgrew his Pokemon marbles like 8 years ago. I have been published and paid a lot more since then but not well as if it were a real job that pays enough for a woman or man and some kids to live on in a first world country or anything. Maybe someday.

I hope this is just because of that chaotic knot looking part of the arrow of success.

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