Excerpts, Adverts and Trivia

The reality is that it is a quiet Saturday in a village in a part of Germany that is closer to the Netherlands, and Denmark and more of Germany than it is close to anywhere else. The weather is warm for around here which has caused me to realize a bit more of how much I have adapted to it being cool most of the time. It makes warm seem almost hot.

I wanted to encourage any of you who have yet done so to go have a look at the Uranian Fiction.com website. Those who like excerpts will find some. Those who have seen it already may have other questions.

Why Uranian Fiction? I like the way it sounds; it is unique and individual. My generation has the uranium 238 anxiety markings. In astrology Uranus is the planet of individuality and those born in the 1960s like myself apparently have some attitude or something that astrologers say is corroborated or explained by the fact that Uranus and Pluto were conjunct. Whether or not that is true, or just “astro turf” rather than “astro fact – real grass” is not something I am willing to commit to in this blog post. When my son was born in 1995 Uranus was conjunct with Neptune which is as different as the same individuals being in relationships with ‘someone else’.

One of the best ways to show the local beauty is that at this time of year a small field of tall corn has a few rows of sunflowers that are shorter than the corn but also tall along one of the brick streets. That’s about as good as it gets around here, from my position.

I might write or do other professional writer activity today but I might mutter and goof off as it is Saturday. At the moment, I am playing another on the Marvel movies of the past several years. The basic deal here, is gender related. For a girl I liked some comic books. The Marvel films work with me in part because they made movies starring some of my favored comic book heroes. I actually liked the X-Men and Thor and Iron Man and of course, Bat Man. When my son was younger I would sometimes take him out to the local comic book store for a little something special. He does not share my taste in art or comics. He is more an Anime & Manga type of guy, but if I watch something like this movie, he doesn’t mind it. Naturally, most of the boys I knew back when I was a child liked comic books way more than I did. I view this as perfectly normal. I realize that not everyone is equally into it, and while it is not a clear sign of sexual orientation, there is always someone out there convinced that it is.

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