“Meine Seele” – translations and other bit of my here and now

Today is one of those days when, having taken a week or two off from German without having been able to visit ‘the States’ for that week, or England, I have gone back to dealing with German more.

There are words and phrases that I had heard but still did not know what they meant. Much like with games where one is rewarded at times with being able to ‘unlock’ something, today, watching Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince with German dubbing on rather than off, has allowed me to realize what the German word ‘Seele’ is.

Essentially, one’s essence, the spirit or type of energy and interests one has, one’s karmic signature – all this is what the Germans call ‘Seele’.

Today, I did a little towards giving a talk and doing a workshop with Five Big Questions in Life with a Bulgarian woman who runs a school helping with hostessing the event, and getting customers for it. I met her at an Expat Group in Bremen. She runs an English School as an entrepeneur. She is a married mother in her 30s; a middle class lady with some work experience and a husband who for now at least, earns more money than she does. Their child is now in the 1st grade.

I have eaten from the very real early local harvest again today. It isn’t really harvest season but it is way more like that now.

Right now, as I write you this, oak trees are growing their famous acorns.

T’is the season.

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