Grasshoppers and Sunflowers

As you have noticed if you have been alive for a few years there are some seasonal variations in circumstances.

Where I am today, the Sun is still rising I believe before 6am and is sets around 9:30pm which is already an hour earlier than at Summer Solstice. In Northern Germany, the amount of daylight changed by 2 hours every 6 weeks. Half occurs at the beginning of the day, and the other half comes at the end. Natives are used to it and know no differently, unless they lived someplace quite different. Those of from places to the South really notice it. As one of the special Canadian adult male Facebook friends pointed out last year or the year before: “Axial Tilt is the reason for the Season.” At the moment my mind is slightly confused and German tendencies to capitalize a lot more words has cropped up.

Tie-in: When I wrote the first drafts of the science fiction novel currently undergoing re-creation, I created a lot of Germanic style verbiage in the story. It was never intended to be actual German, just something evidently somewhat Germanic. If anyone had told me back then that in real life I would be in Germany today due to dual citizen living descendants and international graduate students spawning in North London in 1995, I think to say that I would have doubted that would be an understatement. I probably would have laughed it off as nothing and hoped to wipe it away with a little intoxication or sex in a relationship with the man I was living with as my boyfriend at the time. I have not seen that guy in years, but…

…This draft of the story does not as much creative Germanic linguistic material but is happening while I am inside of the nation of Germany. Naturally it is different from being outside of the country or inside of my own nation. These ideas about inner and outer are modeled clearly in the SF novel starring Gezka FaucMerz of the Rejkyavikian Naav and Kiel Bronson of planet Earth.

The local corn is now taller than I am and there are grasshoppers residing in the little side yard. I noticed when I tried to make sure to stay in touch with reality despite spending so much time with fiction recently, due to novel writing and movie watching.

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