More random tid bits

The weather in Germany has cooled a bit but is still warmer than it was when jackets were really needed. It is breezy again.

I spent 5 or 6 hours listening to the German language in a stress free environment today. Because the language is still foreign that made it seem as if paying attention to practice and learn a little more ‘was doing something’.

I hope that most of you have decor or artwork in your lives that you really like. I have a few pieces of my own stuff that I actually love. I don’t know who else would like them – some would, but I don’t know who. Others just think they are peculiar and do not like them that much; in that case I have to deal with how much I do even though others are not impressed.

I think we all experience that kind of thing even though there are other matters about which I think we are most everyone is alike.

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