OMG, Sales ?!?!

Do you remember the old cartoons with the chattering knees? Usually it was due to the cold. Introverts especially may feel this way about sales.

Cross culturally, I am not sure what the Germans are like about that. The Americans like and use strong sales tactics rooted almost entirely in extroversion, big smiles and using large strong male salesmen, and extremely sexually attractive but much smaller women sales people. They make people buy and they don’t even experience guilt or remorse. The football of cash.

Sales people have both good and bad reputations. The dark side is that they force people to buy and leave people feeling extorted and abused as if it was some kind of legally sanctioned theft masquerading as a business deal. The light side is when sales people get good products and services to be noticed instead of ignored and they actually connect people to products and services they truly love or need or both.

In England the whole thing is less heavy handed. Compared to Americans they use ‘soft sales’ methods and are offended by a lot of what in the USA is considered regular amounts of sales pressure. At least, that’s how it was way back in the 1990s. It may have changed. I haven’t been in England for a long time.

My own personality actually strongly prefers the English way, even though I am American.

Even though that’s true, I ask each of you to pretty please with sugar on top, go have a look at what I have for sale in terms of fiction short stories, nonfiction books and fiction novels and go ahead and buy yourself, or your spouse or your kid something. If you don’t have a spouse get your Mom something, or even just a friend.

Here are the links: I want the people who will love these stories to get them. I want people who have enough money to buy their own lunch break lunch or more to make a purchase or a donation to my well being for the work I have put into making you all the stories and getting them to you.

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