Random Chaotic Comments 2013

I know that blogs are supposed to make sense.

Sometimes when I think about what I wish to communicate, I have to consider whether or not it is OK and who might know and how that might be.

Today, I thought of a few messages that I decided I probably should not send – it wasn’t that they were ‘wrong’ but just that…you wouldn’t want to write your Mom and find out you had reached her secretary’s husband when he is in a bad mood, now would you? You might not like it if your neighbor’s children teased you the next day because you had reached the wrong person – this is failing to not send the message and failing to get the message through to the desired recipient, and then of course there is just that you might reach the person who were trying to get through to and the results are not as desired. I might to.

There are many aspects to the job of writer. There are a lot of different kinds of writers and it can be confusing depending on what any given writer is like. There are writers who only do it for and because of pay. There are a bunch of other ones who are just really writers and for them asking them why they are writers is like asking a human being why they are human. The latter are unable to not do it, and some of those people try to get paid, especially since they are obviously going to do it anyways.

As far as that goes, my own situation is a little different than it was last year.

As I write this Eragon is on. Right now, this year only, the big thrill is that my son and the main character in the story are the same age: 17 year old male. The actor in the movie is probably already in his 20s but so it goes. I had a weird but real experience with a fan fiction book related to that story that caused me to actually read the novel series.

I did not really plan to be a writer at first at all. I only began to even consider making money doing it after I wrote a novel that this very week I have been working on another draft of. It is supposed to be a series of at least 3 novels but no more than 6. That has been the plan since I was about 21 years old. I’m 45 today and still trying to get it to people who will value it. Lately I have been working on the first story which I already worked on loads but once I make it past the opening scenes of the second novel – or what was the second novel the first time I did it, it will turn into a genuinely brand new creative project because I did not write it that far. I have to admit, I want the series to be a professional success instead of the old computer files of some crazy old woman. At my age I do not view old as really starting before 70 years but that is partly because of the 65 year old retirement program in the USA and partly that the older I get the older young gets.

This is a really long blog post. I hope none of you got bored already.

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