Sunday, Bloody Sunday – erm, luckily no but…

It is Sunday and luckily today around here it is not bloody. I just felt like using the U2 song lyric as a tie in for the day. There was a sad event in the early 1970s I think where some English soldiers shot some Irish protesters – I mean, I think that is what happened but I have not heard about it that many times and when it happened I was too young to notice it…An American girl in the USA. It did not make it to me via the news. Over a decade later when this Irish band played Gloria in an MTV music video when Music Television was brand spankin’ new, I fell in love with the band – even though they were Irish guys.

Because of them I heard the song and had a ‘raised consciousness’ from that.

It took until literally either last year 2012 or earlier this year 2013 for England to grant the Irish victims and their kin etc. an apology.

Well, U2 used to sing about Apartheid and I’m one of the tens of millions of little people fans who was happy to see that go. We know it is not now perfect over there, but there has been some progress and personally I find that encouraging.

Hope that you find more that gives you the feeling that compassion and wisdom really work, whether you learned it thanks to Jesus Christ, or as an atheist with a loving mother, or as a person of some other religion.

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