A Long Slow Saturday

Today has been a long slow day.  I have noticed over the years, as has everyone else, that the rate of speed at which any given day passes may vary a great deal. 

So far, the longest years of my life…Well, right now, I am not sure which year of my childhood was the longest one but I can report that it did take forever for me to grow up, but according to calendars it took actually between 16 or maybe 18 years to make me a starter-adult. 

The longest years of my adult life so far have been: 1) the year I was pregnant for the first time.  In that case, it was not slow because I was bored or miserable but was so long because every few minutes it seemed that I or someone else was asking about how soon the baby was due.  That’s your basic “Are we there yet?” causing 5 minutes to last 6 hours type of shift in consciousness.  2) the years of living in Germany but in the latter case sadly not for happy reasons but because so little has happened and I am still feeling the void caused by not having an in home lover and the decompression of not having to live with any abuse that time just drags on a lot of the time.  I have also been sober except that I drink so much coffee I may not really be sober at all.


It is not really as if nothing has happened.  My son is nearly 3 years older.  I have learned tons of German and ghostwritten and written a couple of full length books, and had a short booklet released.  The general flow of it has felt bizarre compared to before and just in time for me to start the second half of my life and to check to see if I need to have a midlife crisis or if I just need to gear up for the stage of life called ‘now that the child/ren have grown’.  I only have one, but that’s the phase that starts later this year. 

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