Definitely a writing day – 2013

Some of you readers out there are also professional authors and writers and others are not. I hope both groups find today’s sharing interesting.

Lately, despite all of daily life’s normal problems and joys and all of that, there has been a surge of progress on the first SF novel starring Gezka FaucMerz and Kiel Bronson. The writing is not always easy and personal issues of various kinds show up along the way: ooh, am in the right frame of mind to write another action scene? Hey wow, the plot is now like this, because of something that happened in chapter one. Hey, this is great to be making progress…

Sometimes it is more like the effect of the story upon my own mind. Many of you know that the first draft of this story was written when I was 21 years old and now I am 45. I wrote a really good 2nd draft, and got 5 readers who all said it was good and then all H broke loose in my personal life and the novel’s decent 2nd draft ended up a casualty of my personal life and my personal shortcomings. However, most of the story of the first novel is the series starring the young woman Rejkyavikian soldier and the middle aged man from our very own planet Earth working in conjunction, has spent two decades rolling around in my own mind.

There have been a few other efforts to rescue the novel and the entire series I originally intended during the previous 10 years and actual monsters such as hardware breakdowns and invading computer viruses actually hampered the effort.

Now, finally, there is a draft making real progress. I am more than 20 years older but of course the characters haven’t aged at all and how it is different this time, and what has not changed is subjectively quite something.

I’m sure at least some of the other authors have today’s story progress on the brain.

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