Social awkardness and publication

Those of you who are hopefully full grown may have had the experience of being at a party and being glad but feeling socially awkward. Too often, this is ‘resolved’ by holding a drink. Maybe if we were 2 it would be passing out those little toys that help stop toddlers from freaking out at the day care center or something like that.

Well, today is exciting because an urbane crime solving novel featuring an extraordinary team is available for sale! Needless to say, I am very grateful to the professionals who made the website. I can only do some of website design well.

In truth, aside from one more grey hair and a more mature offspring what has really changed during the past 10 years is that I finally got paid more for writing and there are some actual books out there. Thanks to today, there is both the nonfiction booklet and a first novel of which I am actually the author. Every writer who worked as a journalist or who even, like myself, has mainly been paid and published without a byline or to ghostwrite knows exactly what I mean.

Back in 1994 I had a breakthrough and someone published one of poems and one short story and paid $0.01/word. The editor was a friend but swore she had not published my stuff thinking it was undeserving junk. That was my first time someone told me they would actually pay me for my creative work.

I did get published in the high school magazine in 1985 or 1986. Etc..

Nowadays there are the following ghostwritten books that I think are even really out there. I know this is a little whacky but it wasn’t until two years after they were published that I found them online in their published forms and I haven’t even found them all. What are they?

2 dating guides done for Donny Lowry and Closeout Explosion – I am pretty sure that is Brooklyn.

A relocation guidebook for Expatriot Focus for moving to the USA from abroad done for 2005. I am not sure how many Expatriot Focus websites and companies there are. They gave me a template and I filled in the blanks. Circa 2005.

Be Diversity Competent! by Jermaine Davis. I love this book. Being in Germany of course see how Americentric it really is, which is 100%. It is really good. I did not write nearly all of it but the work I did blends in there wonderfully and I fully support Jermaine’s project and intentions with the book. circa 2006

The Complete Guide to Investing in Mutual Funds by Alan Northcott. I did an entire draft for this, and yes, it did require research. For some reason it was easy to imagine God being on my side about it ‘even though it is just the financial book’. I hope to God I don’t look like a man named Alan! I am grateful for the experience and that it is out there – you can really buy it. circa 2007

Like most writers and authors, of course now I am ‘not sure what to think’ but I can tell you that 10 years ago it was not like this.

Right now, I hope these find those readers able to buy: giving and selling are both needed, and today I hope to get you at least one more novel within the next 2 years and maybe within the next 12 months. That one is different: it is SF, starring Gezka FaucMerz and Kiel Bronson.

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