Five Big Questions in Life and so what if you don’t want a degree in it?

Most of you are real people and so you know that there are people who are more or less inclined towards academic environments. Personally I often like them, so much that I had intended to be teaching in one year after year, for decades on end. Luckily it is not all that I like and I have long understood that not everyone even likes school for various reasons.

Most of you will sooner or later run into some simple but major life questions. ‘Is right and wrong just relative?’ for example. The effects of how you answer this question are significant when they influence how you actually live your life.

Given that most of this has to be done, rather than only thought about, I have made for you a short guide booklet to give you a few powerful tools to use to work out that and a few other important questions in life. I have been formally trained to Master’s level and have done additional informal training. I have taught, but only a little bit. Like so many of you, I have a passion to help others and to ‘be myself’ and ‘do what I love’ at the same time. If you could use the equivalent of a simple wrench set to help think through life issues, please do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of

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