Another Monday 2013

Monday. Well, the truth is that how one is affected by Monday depends a lot on culture, lifestyle and stage of life. For those in the industrialized world it means stores are open. Right now there is a lot of Summer vacation going on amongst students so the kids did not all get up and go to school today.

For those who have been housewives or suffered bouts of undesired unemployment and for the retired etc., Mondays can take on a different cast. The usual bustle – one learned over many years, is not there. One feels the traces of what one had previously learned that Monday meant but deals with how it has become.

Farmers and parents of young children and the retired may all smile and laugh and observe that life is not actually based in the work week. We know calendars are just inventions but they effect us so much as to become second nature to billions of people.

This Monday there are over 7 billion living human beings. Hopefully this really does mean that the level of consciousness on planet Earth is rising, which gives us spiritual and other forms of hope for the future. The species we have lost and how we manage resources and protect the future of the world matters just as much today, or even more, than it ever has before.

One reason my SF stories featuring Gezka FaucMerz and Kiel Bronson is about human population. They live in a reality where there are at least 100 billion humans and the universe is not overcrowded…but humans have not lived only on planet Earth for a very long time. How long exactly is under debate this very day – given that when I was a Space Age youth I had thought we would have lunar and martian colonies by now but we don’t. Anyway, I’m sure there is enough room and resources for humanity to have a bright and expansive future but where people live and how we do it we have to just figure out as we go along. At least that’s what it looks like today, from the ground.

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