Yet Another Day in a Media Heaven

Much of life is brain waves and that means contentment has a lot to do with subjective feelings and types of thoughts and ideas that we experience whether or not anyone else knows about them.

Teens are the age group most famous for finding and enjoying bits and pieces of freely available media – music, types of artwork, favorite shows and types of characters, etc. as part of how they express their individuality through tastes and preferences and practice focusing their personal energies through these methods. Mind you, they often limited to multiple choice, but still, there is often some room to move.

There are ways in which it seems like ‘not very much’ but millions over the years have found great power and freedom through the types of pleasure derived from enjoying music or works of visual art.

One day online I read a story about a teen who described his personal view of Heaven as being the way he felt at a certain moment during one of his favorite songs. That really made him happy.

Adults are often still like this, but how so has changed. Many but by no means all novelists are hanging out listening to tunes while tapping away and developing complex stories. Have they uplifted a sad and boring fate? Have they created great artwork or just alleviated their own loneliness and boredom or the problem of not having much spending money by writing novels?

Most of us live in the real world but go out of town quite a bit, so to speak, via TV or the movies or reading fiction. Often just delving into our own imaginations or experiencing the illusions produced by deceptions make us only part time in the real world, it seems.

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