Now 2013

Well we have the first day of a new month. That can mean a lot: it may involve paying bills or cycling other things. It can mean very little, but even then it is a little structure for our lives and sense of time.

Time: I personally believe that are regions of the mind/brain continuum that keeps exact and perfect track of time. I believe there are other regions of the same mind with which people intentionally forget various portions of time or create voluntary self-deception about time to escape from unpleasant experiences of awareness.

Luckily there are also pleasant experiences with awareness.

People who are into meditation and mind control can do things that are intended to improve the individual’s degree of control over these matters.

Weeks ago, I saw a wonderful advertisement in which there was an image of a wristwatch which just says NOW on it, instead of having the numbers and dials. I thought it was somehow both funny and profound at the same time.

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