Weekend Blogging

Here we are on a weekend. It is homey here again at my end during slow years in Germany with a maturing senior teen. Thor is on: right now, I own 4 movies on video that have Thor fighting with Loki as main themes. The general ambiance is that I looked yet again into the old Scandinavian mythos and this time re-learned that Heimdal is actually the biological father of humanity, whereas the others are not related that way.

Many of you know that those stories are simple the Norse pre-Christian ethnocentric religion and like so many traditions was polytheistic and had both male and female deities.

In the eldest stories, Loki was not evil and was not a villain but he was a middle man, a bit of a double agent and often caught between a rock and a hard place in terms of the frost giants and the Aesir as he was allied and bound to both groups. In that respect it was uncomfortably like those who were both German and Jewish in 1933 and those who were English and German in 1947 and challenging conditions like that.

Back then, before it got worse, the difference was mainly just that Thor was very straightforward and Loki was very tricky and that made their interpersonal dynamics distinctive even when they were not at odds. I like both types in general, but like ‘good guys’ more than ‘bad guys’.

One of my personal favorite ones of the old myths is when Thor ended up dressed up in drag so that Loki could bring him into the Frost Giants’ terrain as goddess So-n-So to marry Whoever the Giant…but in this case it is Thor working with Loki on a trick…How they even got into that being necessary was just as bizarre, but is not so close to the surface of my mind…but it is easy to see the comedy of Thor in drag at the behest of Loki…just to trick some frost giants.

Response to a comment as a post 2013

I drop a comment whenever I appreciate a article
on a site or if I have something to add to the conversation.

Usually it’s a result of the passion displayed in the post I browsed. And on this article Five Big Questions in Life | Miriamspia’s Blog.
I was actually moved enough to drop a comment ;) I do have a few questions for you
if it’s allright. Could it be only me or does it look like like some of the comments look like left by brain dead individuals? :-P And, if you are posting on other online social sites, I would like to keep up with you. Would you make a list every one of your community pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

Hm, I like this show of interest.  No one has asked me for more information this way before and so I am not sure how to deal with it.  I find it a little scary but, being easily frightened hope the fear is mainly paranoic – from watching too many movies where there are monsters in the closets etc..

http://www.linkedin.com/pub/miriam-pia/9/884/7a7  and http://uranianfiction.com/ and http://sbpra.com/MiriamPia/

are all great places to connect with ‘me and my work’.  There are books you can buy, including the urban commercial fiction with built in magical realism: pre-order your hard cover today! 

Es War Einmal Ein Mensch meets Schoolhouse Rock 2013

Even today, as an American in my 40s, there are grammar points that I quote School House Rock cartoons from the 1970s to remind myself of.

Over here in Germany, one discovery is a series of history videos made for kids, that are done as German cartoons.

One can tell they are ‘old school’ because they are really drawn in ink and painted rather than done using computer graphics.

They are well made enough for me to have been able to tolerate my own lack of understanding of German …so that I would watch and listen and actually learn some German thanks to being able to follow a lot of it, thanks to how it is done as cartoon plays about events in history. “Cartoon historical re-enactments”.

Who would have thought? and yet, why not?

Blog negligence and the names of thespians

At some point today I realized that I had neglected to blog to you all yesterday.   When you actually like the blog then I do feel a bit guilty about neglecting to do it. 

At some point today I saw …well I saw people who’s organizations have bigger advertising budgets than I do: I saw actual Monster Trucks and I saw a billboard sporting Captain America.  This happened to me in a German village, not an American village loaded with ethnic Germans, but a village in Germany that has been bombarded by American cultural icons – I even saw some German home flying one of our American flags this morning!! 

I have an American flag because I am an American citizen and so is my son and I want us to both remember that.  Given that, I’m sure that American readers can see why I felt flavored Frosty weird – cold in the chest from too much at once, Germans sporting our flags in their own towns as fashion or extra-cultural fidelity. 

One of the Germans who’s English is good who spoke to me a couple of years ago ‘dared’ to tell me that “Germany is a satellite state of the USA” borrowing terminology I learned from that whole Soviet – DDR ‘satellite state’ thing, and this German knew that was how I’d learned it, and that WAS what he meant….Only his Germany is OUR satellite state, not THEIRS.

Well, I have no idea what the actual name is of the actor who is Captain America in those movies but that’s how it goes for thespians who make their money pretending to be who they are not…but at least they are not pretending that is not what they are doing like millions of employees who really do suffer from that specific type of psycho-social pain…The pain of not being oneself at work.

The Blogosphere 2013

Yesterday and today, I had some luck and was able to do something proactive to share news about some of my professional writing thanks to the kindness and generosity of spirit of another writer: http://jenowenby.wordpress.com/about/ . Thanks again for that! Most of the time I am just glad to have the acknowledgment that you read a blog post.

In the beginning, only my father and then a woman I met in Germany…She might like it if I mention her by name, or not. I would be happy to…but won’t because I am not sure.

Many years ago in Indianapolis a younger woman called Jen I think, used to mention blogging in a cafe we were in at the same time. Most of the time she was not even talking to me. She wears dresses more often than I do. I like how I look dressed up to, but it is easy for me to become awkward about outfits limit me. Dressed down I am out of place at so many offices and parties and schools but dressed up I can’t work in the garden and may not be relaxed about playing with kids, handling animals or taking out the trash. Like I want grass stains on my good clothes – NOT! I don’t like changing my outfits that much: school clothes for school, play clothes for play etc…It all makes sense but I’d rather not change my clothes more than once or twice a day most days.

Well, not what I expected to share today, but OK.

Butterfly Season on the Autobahn 2013

Right before I began to write today’s post I checked to see some of who the system identified as having read and commented.  That reminded me to remind you – each of you, that I am glad you bothered to read it and glad when you like what I have blogged. 

Today is one of those days when I did a whole bunch of stuff in the way of my nationality and then I did some stuff that shows I have adapted to where I am. 

My lifestyle over here in Europe is very quiet and feels small.  Because of that, one of the big deals of the day was that for the second time since being granted the Germany based Intl. driving license, I drove on the Autobahn.  I was not one of the high speed drivers on the Autobahn but just toodling along with the German drivers I used speeds that cause immediate loss of the American driving license on USA roads unless you can afford very powerful attorneys to let you keep it. 

From this we see that I have adapted to “those crazy Germans”.  The real key to understand is that they drive more slowly – not quickly, in their villages, and then make up for that difference on the freeways.  That includes the half of the story they didn’t tell me when I was in America “before Germany”.

Today – Year 4 of The Germany Years: 18 August 2013 – 18 Aug 2014

A few days ago, the point of no return was reached in that the special Germany calendar flipped and a 3rd year of residing here was completed.  It was uneventful, much like not learning of a Solar eclipse until thousands of years later while suffering from restlessness within the context of a high school history lesson – thanks to that you know about one of the eclipses. 

Right now, I have no idea of whether or not I will blog about how much I am loving living in the USA but missing my son 3 months from now, or if I will suddenly be nostalgic about everything I love about these past 3 years but didn’t notice as much as I might have due to the distracting power of what I disliked about the same over all scenario…So maybe if that is no longer hindering me, I will see some of what I have enjoyed with a new clarity – like last night’s party after that hang over has cleared up.  

Then again, I might just still be in Germany, hopefully writing about how I am managing to sell more of my books and mingling in cafes and actually having a social life. 

We’ll see. 

Interactivity – or not 2013

There has been some research done on how interactive things we do on the Internet really are.  I have personally done business using the Internet and have made some degree of relationships and maintained others. 

Even though that is true, like millions of others I have also had experiences where it feels like some effort to really interact has been a dud.  Comments, likes, responses, counter or reply posts do help as does business. 

Personally it does not fulfill my need for in close in person interaction but it does help and hinder as much as using the phone.  Now, that remark dates me, because for those 30 or even 35 years old and younger, there is not so much that kind of comparison embedded into the psychology.  It can be great compared to being totally shut out or unable to exchange messages of a personal or professional nature.  However, when one would strongly prefer to have the old fashioned togetherness of in close and in person it is not a good substitute for me personally.

It can be a little shocking, when meeting people in one way much more than the other but then changing…how effective it is, though.  Once or twice I met people in person who I had met online and they turned out to be as real as they had been rumored to be once they closer.  Other times I met people in person, or knew them personally, kept in touch using the technology and then when we met up again they acted so much more informed about the latest trends in my life because they had received the messages – I wasn’t quite just imagining it.  That’s a relief, but for some reason it still surprises me and I feel as though I am adjusting.  Many of you know how that is.  (wild guess, maybe 73.94% of you.  Margin of error approximated at 34%)

When to offer help to authors

As a writer, I have noticed the number of times that I have been attracted to those posts by other professional writers that have bits and pieces of help for those with less experience.

In reality, given the situation with the micro-career of my professional creative writing, I always feel like I am still such a beginner that there is not much I have to offer others who, like myself, have intended to earn a good living by being professional writers.

I feel qualified to help amateurs and those who are good at marketing but not at writing. I have taught a couple of writing workshops in English that I feel good about. One is called ‘Totem Poetry’ which is a workshop to help individuals write a single poem which best represents the unique identity of the poet/ess. The other is ‘Family Stories’ which helps people to see the themes that have crossed generations in their personal lineages, and to create well organized stories or written collections of the family’s stories to pass on as part of the heritage. For so many people, family stories have continued to be part of the oral tradition.

Many of you know what that means, whereas others only know it as a sexual reference because they were afraid to ask for a definition when the word was used in front of them. ‘Oral’ just means that it was told rather than written. Though nowadays in the early 21st century, much of what had been oral tradition now exists in the form of short term transient writings – like posts in social media or texting over the phone and so on.

The Chaos of Professional Development 2013

Some of this is caused by having to deal with ‘self management’ rather than having someone else serving in the managerial role.

For writers and authors, and in many other professions there are ways to develop professionally. Via Facebook, George Takei, once sent what looked like and arrow of direction with a big mess in it. There was a complicated tangled knot. There was a caption at the bottom saying that was what the path to success really looks like when not pre-packaged to impress the media and fans.

Literary Agents – early on, I read and heard the saying that it takes as much effort to land an agent as it does to get a publishing deal. So, what then? If you want to waste time you can try to get an agent, or just focus on getting an agent because without them even if your story is great you will only be paid $0.05/word if you are lucky?! What?! Well, if that doesn’t make me feel like throwing an adolescent tantrum, I’m not sure what would.

Then, when we recover from the hissy fit, should I just say, “Sorry I was curt with you, my bra straps were probably too tight that day.” ?

Blog Tours: I have heard of these, but still haven’t done one yet.

Blog Talk Radio: I think it is good. I listened to a few shows on it, but have yet to be a guest speaker talking about my book.

Query letters: I came up with one or two of these and sent it to a couple of places. I can see some of the more advanced professionals frowning and those would otherwise be rivals laughing because I should probably have sent out a million of them by now.

How many is a million? In my middle school, there was a project to collect one million bottle caps in order for students to experience one million of anything. “That’s a lot.” I remember seeing more than 10 large trash bags filled with bottle caps as part of the hands on experience of one million bottle caps in one place project.

Have I given up yet? Both yes and no. For a long time I had no idea that I was a writer or a philosophy person. Once I found out, I accepted it. Surrender or success or failure? My mother told me to plan for a day job and to be a technical writer because she knew I wanted a way to earn a living through actual paying work. I have actually spent considerable energy trying to do so.

Someone Facebooked me about writers and pet cats on keyboards and ‘what I think I do’ and ‘what my mother thinks I do’ and all of that. Either you know that reference or not. If not it probably just seems like I wrote with my child’s Pokemon marbles in my mouth.

In reality, my son outgrew his Pokemon marbles like 8 years ago. I have been published and paid a lot more since then but not well as if it were a real job that pays enough for a woman or man and some kids to live on in a first world country or anything. Maybe someday.

I hope this is just because of that chaotic knot looking part of the arrow of success.