Do writers qualify as Crazy Artists?

It may be due to the Germans that the words ‘crazy artists’ are capitalized above, but that might not be why.

Writers do not seem to be just like the other artists, for some reason. I realize that most of it is that each of us has our own perceptions and stereotypes in our own minds about what is normal and what might not be.

Myself, I realize that I did not have a pre-established image of what I thought writers are like.

I don’t know about you, but in my Facebook News Feed this shows up when someone sends a thing that has the captions about ‘what my mother thinks I do’, ‘what I really do’, ‘what I think I do’, ‘what other people think I do’ with images for each one.

Now, painters and in some ways – theatre people, are people I have some ideas about.

As a teen some of my friends – other girls mainly, painted so well in my view that I saw them as being actual painters. I liked to paint and I like soccer but I felt they painted better the same way I was really never the star center forward on a soccer team. I still paint today.

Mainly, people who paint are allowed to be what I think of as ‘foofy’. Scatterbrained, or extremely nonlinear. For example: You’re at a party. You say, “What do you think of the Prime Minister?” You’re thinking about how he spoke on a specific public policy and the painter says, “Oh gawd, that suit was just awful! They need to hire whoever lets him dress like that.”

On a different topic: you say, “I think it is going to come to 42 each, if we split the bill evenly.”

The painter says something like, “You get it this time, and do you know I finally realize that right now this color -” the painter points to one spot on a piece of paper money, “matches your eyes precisely,” or something that is also part of the same moment but obviously dealing with all of it as visual art and that’s really the main thing.

Theatre people. Well, thespianism is a real word, I think, worth using now and again. In truth, I hear that can be terrifyingly backbiting and treacherous and tricky. I also hear they are surprisingly tough. The joke on that, aside from the male actors who actually are homosexual is that all the rest have to be tough enough to live with how much they get accused of being homosexual even when they are not.

Art Fags – in general in the 1980s in Central New York which is neither the most conservative nor liberal place on Earth, everyone in the arts who also had a penis and had been through puberty was marked as being homosexual even if he wasn’t. Those who were often felt more acceptance from the art crowd and those who weren’t noticed that eventually people would figure that out but for some reason the more macho the male culture the more …well, in extreme cases, all they really mean by homosexual is nonviolent. Any gentleman would be viewed as probably homosexual, and actors and painters – well, especially if they even like girls and women, they must be, eh?

::: In general those guys end up building motorbikes with beers and calendars of naked women and wear leather and a lot of the time enough separation can prevent major social problems.

A lot of women who like Art Fags do so because for boys and men they aren’t that bad or that weird, compared to a lot of the others and that’s all.

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