Scattered attention 30 July 2013

It is a weekday and therefore normally what I view as a workday.

Like most people, as a professional writer, I would like to get it to work so that it supports me, even well, leaving me – still liking it.

The weather where I am changed. Sometimes the feeling of it becoming warmer is really nice, but under some circumstances I find that I don’t even like it.

Repetition can be good or bad and perceived as wonderful or as a serious drag, depending on the situation.

I believe it is always possible to influence emotions with certain thoughts and that this is often good to know. There are times when being so self manipulating is weird.

10 years ago I was married. Some aspects of my life were really good, and other aspects were actually very hard. 5 years ago I was single. Some of my life was good, and some was hard – but what was how was not exactly the same as the 5 years before. Right now, my life is both easy and hard: there is stuff I like and am grateful for and stuff that is giving me trouble.

Well, you to can play this simple game to get perspective on your own life: simple brief recap of what it was like at certain ages or years ago or what you foresee or the ‘what if’ games of how you thought it would be now and how it really is.

Have fun out there: I remind myself that all readers are just as real as I am.

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