Cultural Cross-referencing

Personally, I do not view myself some super globe trotter or anything, but I was encouraged to be broad minded as a child and I think that contributed to why I ever dared to go abroad for more than a week. In truth, I have not had the deep pockets, so to speak, for traipsing about as a tourist or adventuress or anything like that. Right now, I’m living in the 3rd country of my life – aside from short visits to other locations. It is to keep obligations, not from sheer passion and not just because of my own boss or my husband’s job but it would be reasonable of you to think that was probably why. It is similar to some of that but with a twist.

Anyway, the USA is my homeland and at this point England and Germany are the foreign lands I have the most experience with with -years either living there or cavorting with individuals from there. Due to this and a lot of hanging out at home – it would be loitering if it weren’t where I live…I finally came up with a one liner.

You can tell it is not England but is Germany because the bricks are orange rather than brown.

Now, way back around 2000 someone with whom I was close told me I was like a ‘straight guy’ of comedy and this another occasion when I’m trying to make a joke out of a simple observation of fact.

Let me know if that is at all funny to anyone.

I had been interested in Holland but ended up knowing Germany instead.

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