Uranian Fiction and who’s a Ghostwriter?

Uranian Fiction

I urge you to go ahead and have a look.

The fiction of which I am the actual author at Uranian Fiction is really mine. I wanted to be able to ‘brand it’ to ‘name the style’ so I called it Uranian for more than just one reason.

It is true that I have managed to earn some money writing. Compared to all the in house professionals who just do it for the money or they wouldn’t much aside from grocery lists…my earnings have been very low. Compared to the amateurs and the poets who believe being paid for creative writing is more scandalous than working as a prostitute – well, I’m dirty Honey, I’ve earned into 5 digits doing this. Compared to myself 10 years ago, I have been really flexible and done a load of contract writing for other people instead of being paid doing unrelated work and then working exclusively on my own creative writing. Because of that, I even tried ghostwriting. Thanks to that, there are a few books out that I helped with.

Word to the wise: most of the time there is a difference between ghostwriting and being an author. One difference is that I would not have even written any of what I ghostwrote except that I was hired to ghostwrite it. In some cases I wrote the whole thing but with a lot of the books I only wrote part of a draft or the first draft.

Being an author – well, that’s actually from me, to you. I still want it to earn money: a few bucks from you to show the writer some love…but it is intended to be for you even though I had every intention to like doing it, and it is ‘my gift to you’…Like cute home made presents only upgraded to professional skillfulness.

Check it out and buy a copy. Word to the wise: If I ghostwrote it, I will not receive any funding when you buy a copy, but it does enhance some reputations. I earn when you buy the author’s stuff.

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