Thor and local rain

The air pressure has changed. I heard thunder – the sound of Thor’s hammer banging around while he fights with frost giants…That’s the Norse myth version of how thunder works. It happened while a Thor movie was playing.

Earlier, a FB writer friend who has a good day job forwarded news of the little promo tour a few people from the latest movie are making, and the fiction character Loki turned up at a comic convention in the USA just yesterday. I am looking forward to the next movie.

As some of you know, I am not entirely normal but am pretty much mostly normal I think…I mean I’m not sure, but I’m sure…I think so. One of the things this normalcy means is that I like all the Hollywood blockbuster movies just like everyone else.

In what may seem like a total disjunct, but isn’t if you really focus on the significance of creative work and marketing involved here…I hope within a few months to have an improved real book form of an urban novel for everyone over 18 years old…and hopefully within 12 months of today there will also be an SF novel from me ‘finally!’.

In the meantime you can try the nonfiction which includes the introductory philosophy booklet Five Big Questions in Life and you can try the mutual funds book that I ghostwrote one draft of as a writing contract which explains how I wrote so much of it but is by a man named Alan Northcott.

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