Dead German philosophers and their living ideas

One day, I watched an interview with the singer from the band Disturbed. He had studied some Nietzsche and had had an insight from it, that quite honestly I had not even noticed. For me, the big thing about Nietzsche, aside from good writing, is that he devised the übermensch as a sort of ‘stand alone spiritually enlightened figure’. Personally, I favor divine forces, but I like that he came up with this spiritual adept somehow free of religion – like religion is an outgrown method of gleaning spiritual truth. For me, that’s the wondrous contribution of Nietzsche. If not, then that tells you how I twisted his take on the truth, but when I studied him under a professor, the professor and I both seemed to think I was able to understand him quite well – we’re both left handed, lol, but true.

For those seeking only to be debriefed about philosophy in more general terms, you can get yourself or your beginner friends this preparatory booklet:

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