Writing and Publishing

Well, a few years ago I did a little research and learned that in the USA there are about 100,000 writing jobs. Half are salaried in house positions and the other half includes all the freelancing, the online writers, the academics who get published here and there and the majority of novelists working day jobs to pay the bills or living as married women who are well provided for.

I also heard that 20% of the books receive 80% of the money, that those books that do go big, make tons of money especially when there are real movie deals involved. Most novels sell fewer than 1000 copies and many books in both nonfiction and fiction don’t even earn more than what the publisher gave as an advance.

Well, that’s scary and humbling.

I did spend years training towards and seeking that secure day job and also spent time as supported lover – some of that as a legal wife, and other times not as a legal wife.

I won’t even talk about the last ten years beyond saying that I have managed to earn in 10 years an amount I had intended to earn annually for writing and that despite having been abandoned by a difficult husband I have continued to need financial help to even be able to do what I have.

At 45 years old, with the child nearly at the dawn of his adult life, I am hoping there is still hope…as 40 years is one Hell of a long time to live without hope and even though I am all middle aged and dealing with accepting the fact that this is now most likely the early second half of my life I have that long left….At least 20 of that is supposed to be normal working age years.

Of course, my intention had been to be a flourishing happy and successful woman, rather than yet another of the women reporting in as having had many failed attempts at career and having been forced into the position of having been abused rather than reaching middle age without having ever been abused as a grown woman.

One thought on “Writing and Publishing

  1. 20% is the cream that rises to the top. Given the recent JK Rowlings story there is more involved than just a great book. The moon stars and sun have to be aligned as well as so many other factors. That is why everyone says to write because you love to write. It takes the sadness and the reality of the real world away 🙂

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