There are lots of birds around where I live nowadays and they chirp like this was a musician’s colony for birds.

There are a few influential factors. They usually shut up in the dark. They usually keep quiet in the pouring rain.

Now, when I first moved here I also thought they only chirped when the weather was warm but I learned that around here that is not even close to the truth.

There are enough species that I eventually realized that I recognize the chirps of 5 or 6 species and that it isn’t always the same ones or combinations of chirpers.

It is true, that once sensitized, one can also really hear the sound of their wings flapping on the breeze and learn which weather is flying weather and what is not.

I felt good but also a little embarrassed when I realized that the local birds could teach me more than the airports: flights are cancelled due to: heavy rains, ice, wind directions and speed etc..

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