Who is that Englishman?

Today is a pop culture and Asatru day here at the blog. Lately I have watched Thor and The Avengers. I do not know the names of most of the stars, even though the credits have rolled before my eyes a few times.

I really noticed that for Loki they used an Englishman. Funny how sometimes the English are given the bad guy role. Maybe that is because their health insurance policies are better but they don’t let the women pass on citizenship of their own accord, or else it is that they are still using the feminine forms of words – making English more complicated. Now, all kinds of nasty jokes about how the English can actually use the language and Americans just use a simpler version out of stupidity and call it efficiency and gender neutral language…but that’s taking their side, which is driving on the left – I haven’t tried that one yet.

Right now, what scares me about that, is that I am totally confused about left turns. If I am driving on the left, do left turns turn into how right hand turns are handled in countries where we drive on the right or is it the same? The thought of trying to figure this out or just guessing at 60 miles an hour is NOT APPEALING as most of you would agree could be a source of ‘concern’. I’ll try to find out before driving over there.

Anyway, I don’t know what the Englishman’s name is but they used blonde and bigger for the good guy and instead of ‘dark’ meaning an ethnic African, they just meant a brunette. Well, that’s Hollywood.

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