Multiple Projects and Admiring the more Experienced

Thanks to social networking sites with ‘interest group forums’ during the past several years I have managed to meet in person and online some more advanced professional writers and authors as well as ‘true peers’ and those having less experience than myself.

One of the many activities that the advanced people – I just mean experienced book writers and novelists by that, do is actually handle multiple projects. Many freelancers also manage multiple projects at once.

Well, in the long gone old days when I was in my early 20s it was while very busy with lots of other activities that I first wrote a novel length manuscript. That was a different way of handling multiple projects in one’s life. Back then, the novel project was not the big thing – college or university as the English say, was the big thing. My romance with my beaux was another, and working was third. We also had a little gaming group and that was the other big activity in my life back then. Yadda yadda, but you get the picture.

Well, now I’m 45, there is room in my life for both my son and serious boyfriend but my son is now nearly grown and there is no serious boyfriend at all. The books have become the big projects and most of that other stuff has gone…Either I did more with it, or I did not, but during the past month I have started handling multiple projects involving books and freelance contracts at the same time. It feels like a big deal, like learning new dance steps.

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