Business Ethics / Right and Wrong

Right and wrong, good and evil. We have all heard of them. Most of us have strong beliefs about them. I think we find that a lot of the time we know what it right and what is not, but not always.

In truth, I feel I often do know but when I was taking an online business ethics course to my own surprize I discovered a whole slew of issues where determining right from wrong or good from evil instead of being clear and simple really wasn’t. I felt a little weird: here being a middle aged woman suddenly finding out that I didn’t even know. I don’t think it is just me. I think a lot of us walk around with areas of ignorance we don’t even notice until we bump into them and suddenly we’re nonplussed. Wow, I have no idea.

Five Big Questions in Life does not pretend to have all the answers for a Business Ethics course, but it does have a chapter on right and wrong. Are they eternal questions? Is morality relative and man made or is it inherent in the nature of things?

Buy yours now to find out a few good ways for you to judge.

In more great news, you can now get a Kindle version of this as well.

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