They told me to

This blog post comes to you almost immediately after having read a little industry news once again.  They told me I should blog as one basic part of building a platform.  Well, I sighed when I read it because I blogged for a whole year but I was not showered with pay or requests from literary agents to review my manuscript/s. 

I was also urged to do something else that I have tried before: using Writer’s Market and the Guide to Literary Agents.  I was told to spend way more time fussing over my query letters which sounded at best, like being told it really is time to vacuum under the furniture again – although that can be ignored or avoided for a while…or worse: clean the oven again.  Query letters to literary agents is like cleaning the oven on a full stomach without quite enough ventilation.  Maybe I’m just immature, but for some reason it seems about that pleasurable.  Sometimes in life we need to do things that we might not want to do.

Personally, I often feel that the big difference of decades of maturity can be described in terms of the degree of resentment towards spending on needed items and attending to domestic chores.  At age 20, even the thought of spending hard earned minimum wage income on toilet paper and dish washing liquid did not enrage me, but it did upset me.  I resented it if i had to do it and was much happier when I was not burdened by that type of thing.  Beer and smokes OK, dish washing liquid BAD. 


Age 30 was not as bad in those terms.  By then it was more the problem of whether or not I would be able to share a mortgage with a lover and how much I felt emotionally hurt when his idea was to buy a house and let me live in it but not to ever let me own it, especially not if I didn’t earn as much money.  That was hard because when we met I had intended for us both to be good earners but at 30 he had made sure I was OK while I stayed home with the baby and got part time vocational training to be a university lecturer and I did not earn enough for a mortgage…but I no longer resented buying toilet paper or dish washing liquid.


It goes on like this, but a lot of you will have a way better understanding of what I’m really like now that you know that. 

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