The jumbled contents of an author’s mind

First of all, recent cross cultural experiences have caused me to realize that many people might expect that authoress or some other clearly feminine form of the noun should be used.

After a painful problem that lasted nearly 2 years there is renewed hope that An Adventure in Indianapolis will be available to readers in 2013, this time through a different publisher. What really happened was that Alethia had the novel and did not fulfill their contract agreement to release the novel within a given time frame and so they sent it back to me and I sent it to SBPRA which has a mixed reputation but told me they can get it released even using a nonexclusive contract.

Who would want to read An Adventure in Indianapolis anyway? Actually, anyone and everyone who is over 16 years old and likes crime, urban adventure stories where good actually does something against evil. People who see that life does not always fall into neat and easy categories of right and wrong. People who like multiracial stories that more accurately reflect to demographic of a story’s setting than a white washed story would present. People who live in Indianapolis and would like to read stories set in their own city. People who like to read local authors – although not there today, I wrote the novel in Indianapolis having lived there for over 6 consecutive years when I did it.

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