Do writers qualify as Crazy Artists?

It may be due to the Germans that the words ‘crazy artists’ are capitalized above, but that might not be why.

Writers do not seem to be just like the other artists, for some reason. I realize that most of it is that each of us has our own perceptions and stereotypes in our own minds about what is normal and what might not be.

Myself, I realize that I did not have a pre-established image of what I thought writers are like.

I don’t know about you, but in my Facebook News Feed this shows up when someone sends a thing that has the captions about ‘what my mother thinks I do’, ‘what I really do’, ‘what I think I do’, ‘what other people think I do’ with images for each one.

Now, painters and in some ways – theatre people, are people I have some ideas about.

As a teen some of my friends – other girls mainly, painted so well in my view that I saw them as being actual painters. I liked to paint and I like soccer but I felt they painted better the same way I was really never the star center forward on a soccer team. I still paint today.

Mainly, people who paint are allowed to be what I think of as ‘foofy’. Scatterbrained, or extremely nonlinear. For example: You’re at a party. You say, “What do you think of the Prime Minister?” You’re thinking about how he spoke on a specific public policy and the painter says, “Oh gawd, that suit was just awful! They need to hire whoever lets him dress like that.”

On a different topic: you say, “I think it is going to come to 42 each, if we split the bill evenly.”

The painter says something like, “You get it this time, and do you know I finally realize that right now this color -” the painter points to one spot on a piece of paper money, “matches your eyes precisely,” or something that is also part of the same moment but obviously dealing with all of it as visual art and that’s really the main thing.

Theatre people. Well, thespianism is a real word, I think, worth using now and again. In truth, I hear that can be terrifyingly backbiting and treacherous and tricky. I also hear they are surprisingly tough. The joke on that, aside from the male actors who actually are homosexual is that all the rest have to be tough enough to live with how much they get accused of being homosexual even when they are not.

Art Fags – in general in the 1980s in Central New York which is neither the most conservative nor liberal place on Earth, everyone in the arts who also had a penis and had been through puberty was marked as being homosexual even if he wasn’t. Those who were often felt more acceptance from the art crowd and those who weren’t noticed that eventually people would figure that out but for some reason the more macho the male culture the more …well, in extreme cases, all they really mean by homosexual is nonviolent. Any gentleman would be viewed as probably homosexual, and actors and painters – well, especially if they even like girls and women, they must be, eh?

::: In general those guys end up building motorbikes with beers and calendars of naked women and wear leather and a lot of the time enough separation can prevent major social problems.

A lot of women who like Art Fags do so because for boys and men they aren’t that bad or that weird, compared to a lot of the others and that’s all.

Types of Chaos

There is more than one type of chaos.

In mathematics, most weather patterns are described using formulae now known as ‘chaotic’ – more complex than simple linear changes or simple curvilinear functions.

Personally, I harbor the belief that everyone under 5years old is a chaotic creature compared to adults, but that little kids are fortunately often ‘beautiful, gentle chaotic beings’ rather than:

Train wrecks and the debris of terrorist attacks are considered to be chaos, but of a vicious intentional nature rather than being of the same nature as the above.

Chaos can be disorder, or discordianism, or entropy or anything that goes against a structure.

I don’t know the word for it in Spanish, but in German we’re in luck because it is ‘kaos’, I think.

Scattered attention 30 July 2013

It is a weekday and therefore normally what I view as a workday.

Like most people, as a professional writer, I would like to get it to work so that it supports me, even well, leaving me – still liking it.

The weather where I am changed. Sometimes the feeling of it becoming warmer is really nice, but under some circumstances I find that I don’t even like it.

Repetition can be good or bad and perceived as wonderful or as a serious drag, depending on the situation.

I believe it is always possible to influence emotions with certain thoughts and that this is often good to know. There are times when being so self manipulating is weird.

10 years ago I was married. Some aspects of my life were really good, and other aspects were actually very hard. 5 years ago I was single. Some of my life was good, and some was hard – but what was how was not exactly the same as the 5 years before. Right now, my life is both easy and hard: there is stuff I like and am grateful for and stuff that is giving me trouble.

Well, you to can play this simple game to get perspective on your own life: simple brief recap of what it was like at certain ages or years ago or what you foresee or the ‘what if’ games of how you thought it would be now and how it really is.

Have fun out there: I remind myself that all readers are just as real as I am.

If you get left alone, does is make your brain melt?

One of the main options I have had during my time in Germany is more time to myself than I think anyone in their right mind ever needs. One simple question has been: will it make my brain melt? Another simple question has been: Would you rather speak German or hang out by yourself? I can tell you that for me, the answer has included a certain amount of crying and watching English language films interspersed with getting out there and using enough German to find out from the Germans that Germans do that to other Germans all the time, and it isn’t even really caused by the language barrier: that’s just German culture! Who knew????? I sure didn’t.

Cultural Cross-referencing

Personally, I do not view myself some super globe trotter or anything, but I was encouraged to be broad minded as a child and I think that contributed to why I ever dared to go abroad for more than a week. In truth, I have not had the deep pockets, so to speak, for traipsing about as a tourist or adventuress or anything like that. Right now, I’m living in the 3rd country of my life – aside from short visits to other locations. It is to keep obligations, not from sheer passion and not just because of my own boss or my husband’s job but it would be reasonable of you to think that was probably why. It is similar to some of that but with a twist.

Anyway, the USA is my homeland and at this point England and Germany are the foreign lands I have the most experience with with -years either living there or cavorting with individuals from there. Due to this and a lot of hanging out at home – it would be loitering if it weren’t where I live…I finally came up with a one liner.

You can tell it is not England but is Germany because the bricks are orange rather than brown.

Now, way back around 2000 someone with whom I was close told me I was like a ‘straight guy’ of comedy and this another occasion when I’m trying to make a joke out of a simple observation of fact.

Let me know if that is at all funny to anyone.

I had been interested in Holland but ended up knowing Germany instead.

Emotional Likeability and Insecurity

Middle age is a weird time. Most of the time, but not all the time, during my 20s and the first half of my 30s I managed to stay ‘not lonely’. It may have started during childhood or when a teenager.

Like most people, I have not the emotional genius beloved by everyone star of the world Miss Popular but have been a little miss ‘MVC’ at summer day camp as a prepubescent, invited to parties as a teen, romanced and managed to have friends most of the time during my 20s and 30s enough to not feel like an emotional or social cripple most of the time, but like everyone who has survived Middle School, I also know how it is be flat out emotionally attacked by people who just want everyone to feel like nothing or worse – because well, insecurity is so important in life.

For some reason, just like everybody else has also noticed: certain kinds of interactions and conditions aggravate peoples’ insecurities and others nurture self assuredness and a sense of being well loved and secure and so on. Oh, I guess I noticed it for the same reason as everyone else.

I’m going to leave it at that right now. Implied are issues about how difficult it is for middle aged people to sometimes deal with the callousness of socially successful teens when one was a socially successful teen but has a down or lonely time during middle age anyway but a lot of the kids and other adults don’t care….and if your spouse likes me that’s often considered suspect and dangerous.

Uranian Fiction and who’s a Ghostwriter?

Uranian Fiction

I urge you to go ahead and have a look.

The fiction of which I am the actual author at Uranian Fiction is really mine. I wanted to be able to ‘brand it’ to ‘name the style’ so I called it Uranian for more than just one reason.

It is true that I have managed to earn some money writing. Compared to all the in house professionals who just do it for the money or they wouldn’t much aside from grocery lists…my earnings have been very low. Compared to the amateurs and the poets who believe being paid for creative writing is more scandalous than working as a prostitute – well, I’m dirty Honey, I’ve earned into 5 digits doing this. Compared to myself 10 years ago, I have been really flexible and done a load of contract writing for other people instead of being paid doing unrelated work and then working exclusively on my own creative writing. Because of that, I even tried ghostwriting. Thanks to that, there are a few books out that I helped with.

Word to the wise: most of the time there is a difference between ghostwriting and being an author. One difference is that I would not have even written any of what I ghostwrote except that I was hired to ghostwrite it. In some cases I wrote the whole thing but with a lot of the books I only wrote part of a draft or the first draft.

Being an author – well, that’s actually from me, to you. I still want it to earn money: a few bucks from you to show the writer some love…but it is intended to be for you even though I had every intention to like doing it, and it is ‘my gift to you’…Like cute home made presents only upgraded to professional skillfulness.

Check it out and buy a copy. Word to the wise: If I ghostwrote it, I will not receive any funding when you buy a copy, but it does enhance some reputations. I earn when you buy the author’s stuff.

Late July 2013

Life has its ups and downs. We learn a lot in life, some of what we learn is good – some is not.

The general karmic tenor of individuals seems to also vary. There are people who seem to be happy all the time and often get there way. Many experience some joys and some hardships and sorrows. There are people who seem to get stuck with having a bad time most or even all of the time.

There are a lot of theories about why this happens. In some cases it seems like the universe is all too fair and other times it seems radically unfair. There are those who believe it is never anyone’s fault and others who always blame people for their own misfortunes but never for their successes in life. Some believe that every one of us actually really does get what we deserve.

However you feel about it, this is how it is today anyway.


Many of have ideas. Some are good ideas and others are not. There are some that can be implemented and others cannot.

Today is yet another day when I have been considering dressing up as a clown and going out to busk in the nearest mid sized city. I would like more money, so if I busk I can be hanging around and can wear funny make up and pump up some balloons. A weekend afternoon downtown.

My son is out of town with his father. I have 50% legal custody. He has had 2 homes since he was 9, and his parents have not always been equally single or romantically involved to the same degree at the same time. Because of that, they don’t have to watch if I go out there in clown make up and toting balloons.

I do feel like interacting, making some people smile and having fun, but it would be better for me to end up getting paid than to go out spending: most people at a workplace are in exactly that kind of situation…hanging around earning or hoping to earn without feeling embarrassed or being shooed away.

A lot of it is about the joy of clown make up and balloons and mingling with the general public.

Whether or not it ever happens could make a big difference or almost no difference. Apparently it is all about whether or not I will ‘dare to’. Not being wildly extroverted I would be glad to be hiding behind the clown make up sometimes, but I am into being the center of attention enough to like the idea of being out there attracting attention…No, I don’t have and won’t spend at this time on a full clown costume with sparkly giant shoes but I’m not against wearing satin green with white polka dots and glitter covered gigantic shoes with an insole that fits my feet.

Random Chat

Today, I do not have a well focused prepared couple of paragraphs, not even a theme like journalists use to conduct interviews.

I just looked up character likeability in fiction and read a blog post about another author’s novel’s main woman character.

It could be argued than anyone who elicits strong feelings, whether or good or bad or both will end up as someone who really stands out in other peoples’ minds.

I have written stories having characters intended to be very likeable and others meant to be disliked or found troublesome or scary.

Wee hoo, it is a sunny warm summer day in a Continental European country where they don’t seem to have learned ‘peanut and jelly sandwich’.