Gezka FaucMerz & Kiel Bronson

These 2 have a 31 year age difference. They are not lovers nor are they father and daughter. Who are these people?

They are both humans but even that can be argued because Gezka is 100% genetically engineered and all of her ancestors going back 1000 years were also engineered to make the breed heartier for survival in regions of space where humans would otherwise not survive. Her parents are Generals, so she has a high status military family. She was born into an insulated military life and was first deployed for full time military service at age 15. At the beginning of the first novel in the series, she has reached age 23 and is on the verge of being field promoted to infantry Captain as her Empire strives to take control of yet another mineral rich moon with sustainable human colonies.

Kiel Bronson is from Earth, the birthplace of humanity. He has a skin tone which is dominant in about 1/3rd of the Earth when he was born: a mixture of the ancient ancient Caucasoid and Negroid groups mixed together for 1000 years. There is supposed to be a letter that looks like an o with a slash through it – like the null symbol, but that depends on the alphabet options. He has spelled it with and without the special Scandinavian letter. On Earth, the ethnic blending continued and so much of what is normal to the Earthlings of Kiel’s era was rare a millenium earlier. Space colonization and high speed transport were credited for most of the changes. Kiel is a strong man, a little smarter than most people but not by so much that he feels like a Circus Freak. His parents are not people he shares information about. No one knows why not. Perhaps it is just that he is 52 years old when the story begins and he is not attached to his childhood background.

What brings them together? If there is any such thing as luck in the universe, or a benevolent God/ess then that is what brings them together.

Single, out of town…in a bar – ready to be set up for a date, no doubt, but here a man with an eye for military equipment as well as for women spots what looks like a giant young woman soldier from a foreign Empire – one he has heard of, but has not had any dealings with.

Sexier to an Earth man than most Klingon women, but rough tumble and built for war – not made for table dancing, the giant young woman has already run into trouble on her own. Blood already on her hands – the only one in the place crazy enough to approach her is Kiel.

Instead of a steamy one night stand, they end up on the run, hoping to escape before being caught by Station security.

The Emperor of Ice is missing one of his soldiers.

Random Blog Post

This is after the end. In this case, I don’t think it is a postlog.

The local weather is rainy with the Southern regions of the nation (as administratively organized at this time) have suffered from severe flooding. Broken dikes and the whole thing. Broken dikes sounds like old fairy tales from where I grew up, but nope, this is the real world version of the same thing. Sand bags have been sent from nearby nations because of how serious it is.

There are places that really should be zoned out of ‘allowed to build on’. Flood plains are one such area. In the USA zoning regulations have some variation as they probably do here in the German lands as well. In my personal view, people should not build at or inside the 100 year flood plain. However, given my limited information, I realize that it may be harder to say no some of the time than other times. I also believe that no one should build or be allowed to sell buildings on major fault lines. I am aware that it happens anyways.

Right now, I am actually nearing the ends of a few major…things that are not things. There are only 2 months left to my 3rd year of actually residing in Germany. I do know Germany a bit better than I did when I arrived and my German has also improved. It has not gone as well for me or my son here as I had hoped and intended for it to, but the place has loads of potential so it might be me or the cross cultural dynamics making it so challenging.

Germany is nice enough of a country that I now believe that one good joke about why the Germans speak the way they do (encoding everything into the German language) is to prevent people from leaking the type of information that I am now giving: It is a nice enough country for others to desire it for themselves. If no one knows that, people are less liable to come and try to take it. By speaking strangely, they use a nonviolent technique to hide their lovely land from potential dangers.

Naturally I still miss the USA and want to live there in the future. I lived in Indianapolis for the 10 years after 5 years in England also not planning to spend the rest of my life there but intending that whole 10 years to come live over here in Germany for a few years – mainly or entirely during my son’s youth. This was caused entirely or nearly entirely by becoming related through motherhood, but the study of some of the deceased and living German philosophers supported the events that caused this sort of situation. If it had not been for that, I would still be happily living in the USA and my kid with me. Well, perhaps it is unfair to have written ‘happily’ only because my life is not always that great and luckily a lot of the time it is also not hellishly bad. Whether or not I am happy or unhappy is not as simple as whether or not I am in the USA and it also depends on whether we are talking about deep stuff or fleeting issues that come and go the same way that babies and children fuss at times and then when it is dealt with they go back to being content and happy. Adults are only different from that in some ways, but not always as different as we like to believe.