Space Age Kids as Middle Aged People in the Information Age

This video is charming, ‘populist’ and astounding. The truth is that compared to our science fiction, the science fact of humanity is rather painstaking and slow going. Even so, the space shuttles had a great run of decades and the ISS has replaced the old Soviet-Russian Mir. Now, thanks to the Information Age we can contact them via Twitter and get these clips via YouTube.

Here on Earth, with the power of the Internet I am amongst those who also received photos from the little probe Curiosity’s Mars mission less than 48 hours after the machine landed on the red planet.

For decades now, I have had nights and days when I look up at the sky and think of those special few who are dealing with being aboard an orbiting space station. This year, I was allowed to Twitter them instead of just thinking of them down here.

Just felt like sharing.

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