Blooming Flowers & Kathryn’s book

Now it is deep into the Spring and many of us are joyfully dealing with blooming flowers. Bulbs have flowers. Trees have flowers. Weeds have flowers. Mostly we find they look and smell beautiful but mainly they are out to reproduce.

As many of you know, I am not the only writer I know. In truth, I tried staying ‘the only writer I know’ for the first 10 to 19 years of being a writer. Then I have tried making sure that I know some other writers for the last 12 years. Due to that, one of my friends who put together a book of her own has released it.

For those who love Spring blooms and like coffee table books, check out Blooms of Wonder by Kathryn Hessler.

Here is a link

Space Age Kids as Middle Aged People in the Information Age

This video is charming, ‘populist’ and astounding. The truth is that compared to our science fiction, the science fact of humanity is rather painstaking and slow going. Even so, the space shuttles had a great run of decades and the ISS has replaced the old Soviet-Russian Mir. Now, thanks to the Information Age we can contact them via Twitter and get these clips via YouTube.

Here on Earth, with the power of the Internet I am amongst those who also received photos from the little probe Curiosity’s Mars mission less than 48 hours after the machine landed on the red planet.

For decades now, I have had nights and days when I look up at the sky and think of those special few who are dealing with being aboard an orbiting space station. This year, I was allowed to Twitter them instead of just thinking of them down here.

Just felt like sharing.

Interracial Issues

In truth, there are people who believe that nationality and race are the same thing. I have lost at least one friend because I did not agree with her when she told me that there is no such thing as race.

Personally, I believe humanity h’as some diversity which has developed naturally and there is nothing wrong with that.

The world’s populace of people who can be grouped by general facial features and trends of skin tone, hair color and texture, shape of the eyes and nose seem to be disbursed such that each group tends to dominate in at least one region of the planet in terms of numbers of a local population. Political and financial domination are different but are also legitimate.

Not everyone cares about issues about race but personally I believe in a world of liberated humans of all the genders and races. In general terms I am politically and personally against oppressive political and social structures which are devised to abuse a minority or even majority of a local population.

The USA has its own history of issues involving race. As one more drop in the bucket, An Adventure in Indianapolis is simply an actual bi-racial story featuring ‘white and black’ people which can also be called Northern and Southern-equatorial people who are living in the USA as citizens and members of the society as people who belong. There are both good guys and bad guys of more than one skin color in the story. The reason is that Indianapolis has people of more than one color living in it and I wanted to give a heads up that you are not being ‘white washed out of this story’ which has happened a lot in the popular media although it is not as bad now as it was in 1950.

Here are a couple of links to the story.

Urban crime fiction with just a touch of magic in Naptown, the city of Indianapolis