Probably the end….

I don’t think I’m going to do this anymore.  Maybe I will, but maybe not consistently.  I tried it.  In truth, I do genuinely appreciate everyone who got anything out of it and for those of you who have given me the feedback of a like or a comment. 

In truth, it has not generated any sales – which was the intention, and it has not made it so that I have any more new personal relationships with people I can meet up with in person. 

Those of you who have been paying attention deserve to know to not worry when posts suddenly become inconsistent. 

We’ll see what happens next.

Bye – you can still find me via Uranian Fiction, LinkedIn,, Facebook and Scribd as well as and Elance and CrimeSpace…etc..  In truth, it was not my intention to become a big online presence nor to even do business via the Internet but I managed to land some writing contracts online – I have actually had only one writing contract that paid well in 9 years of effort, so I am kind of sick of that as the idea and intention had been to be able to earn a good living doing work that I like. 

Also, I am not a natural loner at all, so working from home worked way better for me when I was married and / have housemates as well as my child living with me and also a social life out of the home.

Yet again, here are my main products and links to my websites:

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