Nonsequiters and Random Comments

Recently, I have learned a little more about Metallurgy, but not nearly as thoroughly as I would from having an entire course with the lab.  I am just reading a college freshman textbook – intro material.

Often I write university rather than college as a compromise and acknowledgement to the English and Canadians at least, especially the English, for whom college is between high school and university.  For Americans it makes no sense, but an American still recognizes that university is just that.  The only confusion there is that for Americans and many Canadians college means a private school that can give out degrees of some or all of the same levels as universities. 

There are times when we might face what is known as ‘the same difference’ and ‘not the same difference’.  Level of education and the private versus public issue: that is not the same difference. 

Today, I was able to spend 40 minutes studying German grammar.  Hoo – wee.  Weird situation to be in.  I feel it was beneficial.  It was about a number of features of the German language, especially when one wants to be literate in the language.  It was reasonably fun.

I realize that I do like to be happy, even if it means accepting that I was not correct about everything.  I think some readers will know what I am getting at right away but others will find that to just be some weird comment.  I know that I like to be right – as in correct.  One of the most challenging aspects of having moved to Germany is dealing with being wrong so much because of the ignorance about the language and such.  It is so humbling it is borderline humiliating at times.  I suppose it is a good review for how we all need the compassion of both self and other to get through life in ‘a better space’ …whether that is ‘head space’ or ‘outer space’. 

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