How do you know it is a village?

Most of you who have read a few of these blog posts are aware that I live in a village.  The truth is that the city I lived in immediately beforehand had grown so much during the past 130 years that more than one village had been annexed and absorbed.  My experience with Greater London was similar in that when in ‘the suburbs’ – in the boroughs I found that the area was really organized pretty much like a village with special transport to other villages and the city.  In this village there are roads and train routes – there are plenty of ways to get out of town, if you have a few bucks. 

Even earlier in my life I had 3 experiences lasting years each where I lived in a village that was far enough from the nearest city that one could really get the lifestyle of living in the countryside while at the same time being able to get to a decent sized city within half an hour if motorized transportation was accessible. 

This is a village, but it is not like a village in any remote place where all 30 of us are the population density of humans within the surrounding 50 miles or anything.

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