Probably the end….

I don’t think I’m going to do this anymore.  Maybe I will, but maybe not consistently.  I tried it.  In truth, I do genuinely appreciate everyone who got anything out of it and for those of you who have given me the feedback of a like or a comment. 

In truth, it has not generated any sales – which was the intention, and it has not made it so that I have any more new personal relationships with people I can meet up with in person. 

Those of you who have been paying attention deserve to know to not worry when posts suddenly become inconsistent. 

We’ll see what happens next.

Bye – you can still find me via Uranian Fiction, LinkedIn,, Facebook and Scribd as well as and Elance and CrimeSpace…etc..  In truth, it was not my intention to become a big online presence nor to even do business via the Internet but I managed to land some writing contracts online – I have actually had only one writing contract that paid well in 9 years of effort, so I am kind of sick of that as the idea and intention had been to be able to earn a good living doing work that I like. 

Also, I am not a natural loner at all, so working from home worked way better for me when I was married and / have housemates as well as my child living with me and also a social life out of the home.

Yet again, here are my main products and links to my websites:

What did I do?

Yesterday, I actually just forgot to blog.  I was listening to tunes. 

When I got involved with starting to blog I didn’t think about it very deeply.  I did know that it might help me to find customers – the target reading audience willing to actually pay to read my professional creative writing, and to connect with people in more general and personal terms. 

So far, after a year or so of blogging it hasn’t led to even a single sale as far as I can tell. 

That might be because it appeals to all the other people hanging around without being able to spend and feeling they should not go out but still wanting to connect with others.

In reality, if Facebook had existed in 1988 I may well have not written a first novel while hanging out at home with my boyfriend even though he did not want to interact with me, but would have just Facebooked or used social media as a compromise of my wanting to socialize with others and wanting to keep him happy by not going out. 

I liked being with him a lot.  In the end – or from how it is now, we only spent a total of 5 years being strongly connected in a practical and directly experiential way with one another.  We both remarried since then: he still is, and I have not even had a serious boyfriend since my 3rd divorce in 2005. 

Unlike the romantic situation, there are books people can buy that are related to me.  Some are ones that I ghostwrote or was part of a team of ghostwriters.  Others I am actually the author of. 

That’s because the Internet was not mainstream back then.  We still listened to The Who even though we are really young compared to them.

Early Blogging with Snow

Here we are in the last week of Winter on St. Patrick’s Day.  As an American I am really noticing that the Germans do not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, for 2 or 3 reasons.  They are not as much of a Catholic country; there are not very many (known) Irish immigrants in Germany – although I might look that up on the Internet to see how many Irish did immigrate to Germany back during that 19th century potato famine.  Germany does not absorb immigrants with the same attitude as the Americans, but they do take in immigrants and have for a long time.  Germany was not flooded with Irish.  I love St. Patty’s Day, green beer and all, but that is why.

We have snow here in this German village.  I have spent only about an hour with German today, which is far less than most of the local Germans and tons more than I ever even considered doing until I realized that there might be a few years of my life when I am inundated by it because I am in Germany.  “Swamped”, so to speak.  All the foreigners in the USA feel the same way about being “swamped” with so much English it is totally overwhelming.  I have hung out at home speaking English with my American & German son and have written a little bit in German and a lot more in English.  I will probably do more with German today.

I do not blame the Germans for being German – I did travel to their country knowing it is Germany.  Even so, I still do react naturally and unnaturally just because I am an American woman in Germany, not a German and unlike my son, who is a junior German but also an American, I am not a German who only arrived recently.  I am trying to find some reasonable way of dealing with it.  I don’t know if I will but this is what it is like on the first snowy day here in a German village that there has been in weeks.

PS: recently, I counted and found that I know at least one word or more of 23 languages.  As a child I thought being polylingual would be great.  I am still not even bilingual or trilingual but know at least a little of many languages from Japanese to the usual French, Spanish, Latin, and German and Dutch and so on. 

It’s a walking day in Stedorf

The video above is in English; it is about developing relationships for product launches.  He sounds like he is from the Southern Hemisphere of Earth, but the impression I have is that he is delivering the message from up North. 

Up here in Germany, in the Northern Hemisphere we are having the last week of Winter.  Locally, there has been a surge of what passes for Winter weather around here.  It seems a bit harsh, because we had a few days of Spring weather the week before.  I really noticed this weekend that more locals are getting out for walks – a local custom I approve of and like and am glad is present. 

In other observations:  I think maybe the truth is that there is a small breed of raven, easily confused for crows around here.  I have called them crows but they really have a shape of beak which I have heard indicates ravens.  However, ravens can be as large as eagles and turkeys, so I’ve heard, and these are the size of very large crows; not the giant birds of lore. 

Recently, I realized that some flocks of birds really are just passing through town.  They come and eat from the fields and then carry on their long voyage to wherever.  That kind of activity may be going on wherever you are. I tended to notice it in the USA when it was the Canadian geese, but other than that, I tended to not even notice.  Around here there are no Canadian geese but we have year round birds and other migrating groups. 

The farmers do not seem to be tilling and sowing the fields yet, but they are probably getting the tractor fuel out and cleaning off the machines they will use to do that in the upcoming few weeks.  ‘Gearing up for the new season’.

The New Pope & Other

There is already a new Pope.  That’s the good news.  The down side?  So much for that sense of North European understanding.  He’s from Argentina.  Well, for everyone who’s spent time studying Spanish or Portugese and Latin, it won’t be so bad. 

The big excitement for me today, is that I had family time – which is actually important, and that I spent another hour or so hearing normal local people “sprechen Sie Deutsch”.  It was a driving school lesson.  I don’t know the German word for ‘thorough’ yet, but it is how I would describe the German driver’s education program.  Of course, this is what people around the world have been saying is the good quality about the annoying aspect of how Germans tend to be…well, thorough.  Whether or not it is good or bad probably depends on the situation and how one is effected by it.  Because of that, I’m being taught all kinds of stuff that was considered extraneous when I learned to drive in the USA – you can learn about it later if you need to.  You may never need to know.  The driving school here is more like the attitude of general American education: in case you ever need to know, we’ll go ahead and teach you this now.

So much in life occurs on a spectrum, less extreme than autism and Asberger’s, different from Muscular dystrophy – what about people who are just more sensitive?

Highly sensitive person

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This article is about the personality trait. For the book by Elaine Aron, go to The Highly Sensitive Person (book).

A highly sensitive person (HSP) is a person having the innate trait of high sensory processing sensitivity (or innate sensitiveness as Carl Jung originally coined it[1][2]). According to Elaine N. Aron and colleagues as well as other researchers, highly sensitive people, who comprise about a fifth of the population (equal numbers in men and women), may process sensory data much more deeply and thoroughly due to a biological difference in their nervous systems.[3] This is a specific trait, with key consequences for how we view people, that in the past has often been confused with innate shyness, social anxiety problems, inhibitedness, social phobia and innate fearfulness,[4][5] and introversion.[6] The trait is measured using the HSP Scale, which has been demonstrated to have both internal and external validity.[6] Although the term is primarily used to describe humans, something similar to the trait is present in over 100 other species.[7][8]

Sleep onset insomnia

This is being produced hours later than usual because I am not asleep.  I forgot about the blog after my driving school lesson.  It is now hours after having gone to bed but I could not sleep.  Eventually, it dawned on me that this might be why not.

My apologies is this is a disappointing post. 

Yesterday online I did see a giant sea creature.  There was a drawing of it from the 1500s and then one washed ashore off the coast of Japan in 2012 or 2013.  If you think something is alien, most likely it is terrestrial but beyond anything you previously knew.

Ooops, I did it again

Apologies to those of you who have regularly been reading the blog.  The reason for the apology is that if you looked for it and it was not there, then I accidentally let you down.  There is no other reason for an apology that I can think of off hand.

Yesterday I nearly blogged about Barb Shoup.  She writes excellent YA novels.  What they mean at the library by Young Adult is more what most of us think us as being ‘big kids’ and ‘teens’, but most adults in the cultures I live in really think that 13 year olds are adults.  Anyway, Barb is a good novelist.  I met her in person because I went to the Indianapolis Writer’s Center right near where I lived.  She is an Executive Director there.  I don’t live in Indianapolis now, so it almost seems crazy how many places, people and options which were ‘right there and right here’ are now thousands of miles away and vice versa.  Farmer Heinz Schmidtt – so to speak, and his dairy cattle, are now ‘right here’ and ‘right there’ which was not true at the same time that the Broad Ripple Art Center and next door neighbor the Writer’s Center were …well, not as near by as the goats are today, but closer than Verden.  I know that like so many directions; the use of local knowledge out of context may come off as sounding crazy.

It only makes sense if you’ve been in both Broad Ripple and Stedorf.  In seeking common ground, observe that Rocky Ripple still looks a lot like countryside.

I’d like to finish with a nonsequiter that there are moles flourishing beneath one of the fields of the nearest fold of goats and imitating the bleeting noise of goats is as difficult to do as it is to say some German words.

That may have been ‘filler’.  If it seemed like the literary version of pocket lint, I apologize.