Foreign Deities *This is a copy of a comment to another person’s blog

I met Hanuman in England. I was a bit puzzled about how this Hindu deity was making my acquaintance. Being a Christian tradition bound person…I found it ok in most ways but also felt puzzled regarding what this means about ‘the truth about what deity really is or are’. From my spiritual tradition, there is only one deity. ….I studied a lot and ended up re-interpreting this to mean that there is only one divine essence but it can emanate and manifest into multiple forms…I find it challenging to not be tricked into either hypocrisy or religious intolerance. Being a Northern human (a ‘white person’) there are some deities from the genetic ancestors and the local and ethnic cultures. Nevertheless, somehow I met and befriended Hanuman. When I suffer from the illogic of it and the religious tension I came up with a joke…for instance,…as a Christian in India, one might say, “My God is from out of town!” I have never seen a Hanuman temple until I saw your post but was a little surprised because I already knew all the stories your refer to in the post – I learned them in England in the 1990s.

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