Philosophy Reprieve – rotating laundry in a dryer

In reality, I have spent the day home with the adolescent son. He has entertained himself. I have worked on driving for Germany. After I write this I will create myself and the son a late meal.

Being in Germany gives me a weird opportunity to review some of what I know about German philosophy and what I think it really means. When I first agreed to spend a few years in Germany I had intended to be learning German as part of the doctoral requirements for German philosophy and doing some teaching – not of English but of philosophy, probably in English. The fates have so far denied me this situation. It could be a curse or a blessing or both.

My parents met in German lessons in college but not until a few months ago did my father tell me his study of German went much further as he needed it for his doctoral work…back in the 1950s. My mother never needed it. One has to wonder whether they were just a distraction to one another or if they were of any help to one another in the lessons at all. None of us foresaw a binational grandchild or their youngest child having a German spouse and my being in Germany at all….The parents have their own lives and probably did not even think of me learning it for doctoral work and I doubt the German ex-husband or parents even care about that. Even if I don’t, all I have to do to need German is leave the house and interact or turn on the radio or TV…

The laundry reference is just to allude to how this is being created from what is around. During the past year I have learned more German mainly from watching subject specific videos and driving lessons and then just chatting with people while out and doing business with others …Not much in truth, but those who have visited what Terry Pratchett calls Foreign Parts…well, it can be overwhelming.

This post is already rather long and was not intended as any whinge today. It mainly has to do with me wondering whether or not I will come up with any new excellent writings, maybe even more philosophy or whether that won’t even happen. One of the only books I have here that is in German on purpose is Nietzsche’s Also Sprach Zarathustra.

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