Books & Publication Today in 2013

Today, some copies of arrived from the publisher. I am relieved and glad because this means that I now have ‘proof’ that the publisher did not just lie to me, nor did he accidentally take on a task that he could not handle.

The reason that I might worry about that, is because, Alethia gave me a publishing contract but then, at the end of the time period for delivery they told me that due to internal errors they cannot complete the task as per the contract. The reason that bothers me, is that I was excited about being able to offer people An Adventure in Indianapolis in real book form; hard copies with real book covers and everything “like a normal author”! (insert bizarre facial expressions that match the emotions you might expect for this sort of situation). There are presently options for people who want that novel, in a raw state…in a condition more like a musicians bootleg or demo at this point, on the Kindle or from Cafe Press. I am genuinely sorry to be let down but I am also sorry if I have let down customers in any way. Of course if there aren’t disappointed customers because of not having had readers to buy the novel then there is also a problem there, but that may just be a marketing problem.

All I can do at this point is to agree with other authors that writers do learn from their experience, but what we learn can be quite strange and not necessarily what the author might have expected.

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