Trailers not spoilers

An Adventure in Indianapolis or The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead:  Talitha enjoyed her time with the occult order.  She felt it was a good as the women’s neighborhood luncheon.  Everyone has their ways of socializing; it isn’t always easy for people to find what will really work, but most people are socially competent but not extraordinary. 

Like most people she did not seem to ‘fit in evenly’ with everyone else.  Also like most people, she preferred to associate with those who she felt liked her the most and who she favored.  She did spend time with people she did not like, but when she did, she was sinister. 

No one at either the Women’s Neighborhood Luncheon nor at the Occult Order had any idea that she was a professional burglar.  She had been a fan of Cat Woman and Harley Quinn from TV and comic books during her youth, well – also beyond her youth.  She told them that she taught or worked as a secretary, both of which answers she knew were very 20th century women’s working roles safe, pat answers.  Most of the time, in those environments, no one really cared. 

Over the months and even years she paid attention to who lied when and why.  To the Women’s Neighborhood Luncheon she told them that she lived off of the support from her wealthy ex-husband.  It was true that she had an ex-husband with whom she had had a couple of children.  She did not have custody.  It made sense to the other women and so she used it.  Most of them did not have to work.  That was just the kind of neighborhood she lived in: married women more likely to visit the spa and the race track than the types at work or out there doing massive amounts of charity work and turning into garden variety saints – no one notices except that everyone loves them because they are so awesome: not at the Women’s Neighborhood Luncheon in Talitha’s very middle class neighborhood. 

Talitha plays a key role in the crime fighting team in An Adventure in Indianapolis.  You may be surprised.  You can get yours now, with the click of a button:  ,

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