It’s not every day that I come up with a novel

By now regular readers may have heard of An Adventure in Indianapolis. Most of you have no idea of the conditions in which the story emerged. For the sake of personal connection with a subtle ‘celebrity gossip’ feel, I’ll tell you a little about what happened.

It was 2006: it was the first year that I was divorced from the man who I married after having failed to stick together with the German guy I had a baby with…I managed to live with that guy for 9.5 years, being his wife during the middle 4 years but having made the baby in year 1. I know that is weird: I guess we are just weird. The first 1.5 years of the marriage that crumbled in 2005 we were normally also around the guy I had the baby with multiple days each week for hours on end. Home together. I felt enough like it was right and OK to upset a lot of people of both genders. It wasn’t a Utopian situation but it also didn’t seem like Hell most of the time. Well, it was after all of that had come to an end before An Adventure in Indianapolis aka The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead took form.

I had not written a novel in more than 10 years, but had finally ghostwritten more than 2 short dating guides and a relocation guide by 2006 I had finally earned a few thousands dollars for writing professionally instead of only being published without being paid anything or getting ‘a free copy of the book and a contributor’s copy of the magazine’. Don’t get me wrong, those were valuable experiences.

Luckily my son still spent at least half the week with me. I felt rather sad about it, often times – still grieving over not having the son in the same home as me every day and that German guy hanging around but preferably without causing trouble. Like most people, that one can be a Godsend but when he feels like being a jerk on purpose he is adept at being unpleasant and hurting my feelings quite effectively. My son and I normally do not have those kinds of problems.

Wow, as many of you have noticed in your own lives – sometimes we lose relationships or jobs or things etc. which are important to us. When we do, it can be challenging to pick up the pieces and move on.

Part of carrying on with my life was still persisting at being a writer….I almost wrote ‘trying to be a writer’ but that’s not how it has worked. It has been ‘is a writer: hope this becomes socially acknowledged and that I get paid decently for it.’

I don’t even remember exactly how all of the inspirations came together but at some point I read a call for submissions from Wizards of the Coast and set about creating a novel to send in. I completed the entire novel – it took about a year to write the first draft and another few months to edit it. They rejected it. I found an agency with a mixed or even bad reputation and they worked with me for a year. I felt it helped me to get the project done and showed around to some more publishers but they didn’t accept it. Then, long about 2010 – the year we moved from Indianapolis to a Northwestern German village South of Bremen (yes, the Brementown musicians)…Something changed and I started sending it around again. During 2010 or 2011 I also found that I could epublish it thanks to having had that agent…Eventually, it was picked up…Alethia gave me a contract and promised to release it. Meanwhile, people can get hold of eforms of it via and can get a rough, wild version at Cafe Press. The Cafe Press version is more like the author equivalent of a band’s ‘demo tape’ in that it shows what a professional decent story is like without the benefits of a decent publisher.

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