Message chaos *This is one of those days when I wrote a new post and then, when I went to post it, I bungled it and have lost it. Maybe tomorrow. It was about how the Germans are harvesting the local wind through wind farms – and how mysterious the invisible means by which the rotating giant metal blades 2 miles away lead to my refrigerator staying cold and the TV and lights going on…and what a relief it is to have clean power.

Pollution in German is umweltschmutzung….I tried making some cross cultural coping jokes…because obviously from an English perspective if somoeone says “Vinegar oom velt shmutz-ung” one wonders if they need hospital care from swallowing their chewing gum or gagging on a plastic glow in the dark bracelet they got at a rave….Of course, once the code is cracked…it is really just less pollution….which is good….If it happens at a club just nod, smile, look pretty and encourage the person speaking the strange language to dance.

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