Saturday in Dörverden -actually Stedorf

It is yet another breezy day. We had above freezing temperatures, which has been quite nice for February. As far as Winter sports I miss the snow of Central New York where I grew up, but if I have to walk to the train or to public transport and don’t even have skis or snow shoes or a snow mobile, then I’m glad to not have that much snow.

Real life transformations. So much in life makes sense when one has the correct information, but works like magic when have only the beginning or the end or a few states of a process that has lots of phases. Everyone knows this and yet most of us are also mystified about so many things. There is no reason for that to come as a surprise.

You have all heard of Lake Wobegon and it isn’t even a real place. Well, this is a real place. For today, I won’t say much more about it except that….property prices are very reasonable here. It is near a city but in the countryside which is ideal for a certain sort of person or family.

It is clean here: he Germans are doing well at getting environmentally sound policies up and running. It is not ‘all solved’ but there is some effort being made. Toronto, Canada is a clean city. This is a clean village.

There is a downside….Today’s snarky comment about Dörverden is based on a truth. If you want to find it – just head into the wind.

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