Later than usual – eulogy to the felled oaks across the field & street

Sorry this is so late today. For whatever reasons in this case, I would like to mention an event that to some would be viewed as quite sad.

Two or three weeks ago now, one morning I woke up and saw a few men within visual distance outside fussing around a local tree. The tree was one of the local oaks. It was tall and mature enough that I believe it was well over 100 years old, but for an oak tree that is a bit like a human being between age 29 and 31 years old. One hopes and expects there to be a lot more life for that one. There was a short of row of them. They did have an obvious problem. What it looked like their problem was, was that they were together with a large amount of vigorously growing ivy. Yes, ivy. Not just a cute and dainty little decorative piece but really mass quantities of the stuff. I had fitful dreams of circumstances that would involve freeing the oaks from the bondage of the ivy. I mean I can see how a little ivy is nice but nothing likes to be smothered and I think the situation had become that bad. I pretended to ignore it, but noticed.

Over the course of that day, the group of human men felled 4 oak trees of approximately 125 years of age each. Luckily, there are another two from the row, but I don’t feel neutral about it. I feel a little mixed up about it. It is sort of not my place to say and none of my business and yet those trees were not going to die anytime soon and I hate to see them killed over their ivy problem instead of cutting off the ivy and I don’t feel good about pretending to not care and I really don’t know if there were other reasons that I am unaware of – reasons which make sense from a farming perspective….and I am not pleased by the idea of developing a reputation locally as the manical American woman who badgers farmers about washing their cows – I saw a cow who I hope to God/ess has been showered off since, last Summer…or who comes out and throws a tantrum or performs bizarre rituals because a farmer got into it with a tree: if you see what I’m getting at.

Well that was a long enough post for today. I’m hoping there is enough juice in the roots that it is not really the end of those trees at all.

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