Is that Uranian Fiction or WordPress

Is that WordPress or Uranian Fiction?
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Today, the Uranian Fiction website and the WordPress blog are the same. FYI: today I checked the star map at Chaos Astrology. A very large number of our solar system’s planets are lumped together in the region of the sky often called Aquarius, while this is the time of year of Aquarius.

As an author, I feel it has been quite a while since I have put in a good chunk of work into a short story or major book project. In the meantime I do seem to have been doing at least a little creeping work on marketing and writing of nonfiction and pacing and things of that nature.

In the meantime, here is a refresher course in works that are presently available:

If you or anyone you know of high school age or older who tends to think deeply about life and to want both methods and answers, here is a short but intense nonfiction work. Five Big Questions in Life introduces people to the field of philosophy as it applies to daily life and without technical jargon.

If you or anyone you know is interested in financial security [hint: most people are] check out this one,

What’s the connection? I am the author of the first one. Of the second one, Alan Northcott is the author, but I am one of the ghostwriters he used. I do not know how many he used. I ghostwrote one draft.

To explain: Ghostwriter: a ghostwriter is a person who writes the idea of someone else, that the other person pays them to write. Because it is not the idea of the ghostwriter and because the amount of the content provided by the ghostwriter varies from a little bit to all – it varies from case to case, the ghostwriter is not the author. Ghostwriters help people who are either too busy or not good enough at writing to do it themselves but have a great idea and often many of the other skills needed to make a book successful.

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